7th Allied Armies Team Chess Championship: Budapest 1970

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Basic data

7th Allied Armies Team Chess Championship (3rd team event)
(see all-time tournament summary)
Date: 23rd April - 6th May 1970
City: Budapest, Hungary
Venue: N/A
Tournament Director: N/A
Chief Arbiter: N/A
Teams participating: 4
Players participating: 20 (incl. 4 GMs and 2 IMs)
Games played: 72
Competition format: Four board triple round robin.
Final order decided by: Game points
Time control: N/A
Downloadable game file: 70armies.zip

Tournament review

Only four Army teams arrived at Budapest levelling rather poor account from Warsaw, with the only difference that Hungary replaced Cuba. There were four GMs in the field (all representing the Red Army) and two IMs playing at top boards for Czechoslovakia. The system of play for fairly unusual: a three lap round robin.

The Soviet Union moved into the lead after first lap with 8½ points, clear 2 points ahead of Hungary. The second lap was not very successful for them though as they barely drew with Poland and Czechoslovakia. Hungary lost some ground losing to Poland whom they hammered 3½-½ on the opening day. Standings after six rounds (full two laps): USSR 15½, Hungary and Czechoslovakia 11½, Poland 9½. The Soviets easily sealed their win finishing well while Hungary beat Poland and Czechoslovakia 3-1 both to finish in clear second position. The struggle for third position was thrilling though: the Czech Army had 2 points advantage so the Poles needed to beat them 3-1 on the last day overleap their opposition at the finishing line. It looked hoplessly for Poland but finally the won stunningly 3½-½ and took bronze medals.

Soviet's win was contributed mainly by Vasiukov (6½/8) and Klovans (5½/6). Hungary, who did quite poorly in 1968 shown valiant chess and deservingly took second position (Liptay 5½/9 and Ozsváth 5/9). Jansa of Czechoslovakia was in terrible form losing as much as six games (his great win over Geller was glorious exception). Untitled Polish team surprised again taking third consecutive podium position, while they were not expected to do so at all.

Best board results

bd name flag code pts gms %
1. GM Geller, Efim Soviet Union URS 7 64.3
2. Liptay, László Hungary HUN 9 61.1
3. GM Vasiukov, Evgeny Soviet Union URS 8 81.3
4. Klovans, Janis Soviet Union URS 6 91.7

Best game prizes

Best game prize:
Ozsváth, András (HUN) - Smejkal, Jan (CSR) 1 - 0

Interesting games

A victory emerged from a seemingly lost ending.
Filipowicz, Andrzej (POL) - Jansa, Vlastimil (CSR) 1 - 0

The tale on His Majesty King Stroller The First.
Vasiukov, Evgeny (URS) - Vadász, László (HUN) 1 - 0

I wonder if Black ever dared to play Sicilian again
being bloodily slaughtered on the board in this game.
Geller, Efim (URS) - Ozsváth, András (HUN) 1 - 0