6th Allied Armies Team Chess Championship: Warsaw 1969

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Basic data

6th Allied Armies Chess Championship (2nd team event)
(see all-time tournament summary)
Date: 18th - 22nd May 1969
City: Warsaw, Poland
Venue: Dom Wojska Polskiego
Tournament Director: N/A
Chief Arbiter: N/A
Teams participating: 4
Players participating: 20 (incl. 2 GMs and 2 IMs)
Games played: 24
Competition format: Four board round robin.
Final order decided by: 1. Game points
Time control: 40 moves in 2 hours 30 minutes, then 1 hour for each next 16 moves
Downloadable game file: 69armies.zip

Tournament review

Pribyl-AdamskiJust four teams came to Warsaw to contend for the challenge cup awarded to the winners of this Warsaw Pact Armies event. The Soviet Union fielded four titled plarers and an obscure 18-year old one named Anatoly Karpov as a reserve. Czechoslovakia, the titleholders were missing Jansa and Janata, last year's team leaders.

In the beginning Poland surprisingly beat Czechoslovakia in what many believed was a direct duel with second position at the stake. On the second day the Soviet Union wiped out poor Czechoslovak team with a clear 4-0 while Poland dropped just a fraction vs Cuba and with one day to go they had a clear 4½ advantage over the Czechs thus their position being unendangered. On the last day they needed a 3-1 win vs USSR to win the title but they were light years away from it and lost 0-4. Czechoslovakia beat valiant Cuba and finished third.

The Soviets won 11 games and drew one (!). Filipowicz of Poland was the only player of his team to achieve a plus score. The Cubans were weak, but not Hernández, their leader who scored 2/3 at top board without a loss. Not very surprisingly, he became a well-known GM soon.

Best board results

bd name flag code pts gms %
1. GM Geller, Efim Soviet Union URS 3 83.3
2. IM Lutikov, Anatoly Soviet Union URS 3 3 100.0
3. GM Gufeld, Eduard Soviet Union URS 2 2 100.0
4. IM Savon, Vladimir Soviet Union URS 3 3 100.0

Best game prizes

Best game prize:
Trapl, Jindřich (CSR) - Lutikov, Anatoly (URS) 0 - 1

Interesting games

White was very fortunate from a dead-lost position and seal Poland's win.
Maszałek, Rafał (POL) - Lanč, Alois (CSR) 1 - 0

The only fraction dropped by the Read Army but he was lucky to avoid a miss!
Geller, Efim (URS) - Hernández, Román (CUB) ½ - ½

Karpov's one and only game.
Karpov, Anatoly (URS) - Konikowski, Jerzy (POL) 1 - 0