2nd Triennial Cup: Prague 1955

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Basic data

Triennial Cup (2nd part)
Date: 25th January - 2nd February 1955
City: Prague, Czechoslovakia
Venue: The Radio Palace (Radiopalace)
Chairman of Organizing Committee: N/A
Head Arbiter: N/A
Game system: Eight board double round robin.
Tie-breaks: 1. Game points; 2. Direct result at top four boards
NOTE! Results vs reserve team do not count
in overall Cup standings.
Downloadable game file: 55triennial.zip

Tournament review

The Cup regulations had been amended short before the start of the Prague edition and it was decided that the event would be doubled in size, so that each team would played another twice. There were no major changes in teams' line-ups, so Hungary were led by GMs Szabó and Barcza while Czechoslovak team had GMs Filip and Pachman at top boards. Czechoslovakia, the hosts fielded a reserve team consisting of promising newbies.

Czechoslovakia took off well beating Poland 5-3. On day two Hungary and Czechoslovakia went berserk to draw barely two games out of eight and end up exceptionally bloody battle with a well deserved 4-4 tie. The tension calmed down after third round as Hungary prospectively beat Poland drawing six games and winning two. The Hungarians had 1½ point halfway edge over the Czechs. On the next day Czechoslovakia ran over Poland 4½-3½ and in fifth round they attained immense success defeating invincible Hungary (Alster and Rejfíř won). They did not manage to win the tournament anyway, since Hungary squeezed Poland to death winning 6½-1½ to extend margin of a lead to 2½ points. Poland were clear 11 points behind the winners. Gutsy Czechoslovak juniors showed promising form but it was too early for them and they came last. They lost all of six matches. Official standings (excluding Czechoslovakia "B"): Hungary 19, Czechoslovakia 18, Poland 11.

Best board results

bd name code pts gms %
1. IM Śliwa, Bogdan POL 3 5 60.0
2. GM Pachman, Luděk CSR 4 87.5
3. IM Kluger, Gyula HUN 4 5 80.0
4. Fichtl, Jiří CSR 6 58.3
5. IM Szily, József HUN 5 70.0
6. Bilek, István HUN 5 6 83.3
7. IM Flórián, Tibor HUN 4 6 66.7
8. Rejfíř, Josef CSR 6 75.0

Best game prizes

First beauty prize:
Witkowski, Stefan (POL) - Pachman, Luděk (CSR) 0 - 1

Second beauty prize:
Tarnowski, Alfred (POL) - Bilek, István (HUN) 0 - 1

Third beauty prize:
Maršálek, Josef (CSR2) - Branicki, Ignacy (POL) 1 - 0

Interesting games

Szabó's threats looked dangerous but young Slovak refuted them all
and narrowly missed a win.
Kozma, Július (CSR2) - Szabó, László (HUN) ½ - ½

Three exchange sacrifices in one game!
Śliwa, Bogdan (POL) - Szabó, László (HUN) 1 - 0