1st Triennial Cup: Budapest 1954

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Basic data

Triennial Cup (1st part)
Date: 22nd - 24th January 1954
City: Budapest, Hungary
Venue: Steel Industry Workers Trade Union's hall
Chairman of Organizing Committee: N/A
Head Arbiter: IA L. Balogh (HUN)
Players participating: 36 (including 2 GMs and 12 IMs)
Game system: Eight board round robin.
Tie-breaks: 1. Game points; 2. Direct result at top four boards
NOTE! Results vs reserve team do not count
in overall Cup standings.
Downloadable game file: 54triennial.zip

Tournament review

The premier edition of the Triennial Cup was held in Budapest. Hungary fielded their strongest team led by duo of GMs Szabó and Barcza. Czechoslovakia sent pack of decent IMs led by Pachman, a World's top class player. Poland's leader IM Śliwa was to qualify to the interzonal (World's top 20 those years) in a year. Young and talented players composing Hungary "B" team were an interesting squad as well.

The first day of the games brought two unexpected ties. Poland held Czechoslovakia to a draw, the same did Hungary "B" to the "A" team. On day two Poland lost 5-3 to Hungary "B" while Hungary "A" beat Czechoslovakia by the smallest possible margin. On the last day the Hungarians sealed their win wiping out Poland 6½-1½ while Hungary "B" took second position (unofficially) beating Czechoslovakia. The Czech and Slovak team came third and Poland were last.

Nobody managed to hit the jackpot and score a perfect 3/3. Three Hungarian players from lower boards scored 2½/3. The official event table (excluding Hungary "B") was as follows: Hungary 11, Czechoslovakia 7½, Poland 5½.

Best board results

bd name code pts gms %
1. GM Szabó, László HUN 2 3 66.7
2. GM Barcza, Gedeon HUN 2 3 66.7
3.= Pogáts, József HUN2 2 3 66.7
3.= IM Szily, József HUN 2 3 66.7
4. IM Šajtar, Jaroslav CSR 2 75.0
5. Fichtl, Jiří CSR 3 50.0
6.= Mészáros, Gyula HUN2 3 83.3
6.= Kluger, Gyula HUN 3 83.3
7. Bilek, István HUN2 3 83.3
8.= Androvitzky, Károly HUN2 2 3 66.7
8.= IM Flórián, Tibor HUN 2 3 66.7

Best game prizes

Best game prize:
Grynfeld, Izaak (POL) - Alster, Ladislav (CSR) 1 - 0

Best ending prize:
Šajtar, Jaroslav (CSR) - Benkő, Pál (HUN) 1 - 0

Interesting games

Black extricated neatly from formidable pressure.
Navarovszky, László (HUN2) - Plater, Kazimierz (POL) 0 - 1

This game was very sharp actually, which is quite uncommon in this sort of opening.
Berger, Béla (HUN2) - Fichtl, Jiří (CSR) 0 - 1