3rd Triennial Cup: Warsaw 1956

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Basic data

Triennial Cup (3rd part)
Date: started 23th January 1956
City: Warsaw, Poland
Venue: Metrobudowa hall
Chairman of Organizing Committee: Mr. Czesław Krulisch (POL)
Head Arbiter: Mr. Marian Wróbel (POL)
Game system: Eight board double round robin.
Tie-breaks: 1. Game points; 2. Direct result at top four boards
NOTE! Results vs reserve team do not count
in overall Cup standings.
Downloadable game file: 56triennial.zip (only games of Poland "A" are available)

Tournament review

The last event of the Triennal series took place in Warsaw. Team line-ups were roughly the same as in previous year. The bottom board of Hungarian team was occupied by a talented teenager Lajos Portisch. This was one of his first international appearances.

The biggest upset of the event happened on day one as Poland "B" put up very tough resistance to Hungary losing narrowly 5-3. The Hungarians were in clear lead in the half of the way with three match wins. In the second lap Hungary defeated Czechoslovakia 5-3 to take comfortable win. Polish teams lost all of eight matches vs foreign teams.

Hungary outclassed the rest of the pool winning in style at minimum risk. They took revenge on Czechoslovakia who overtook them at the Amsterdam Olympiad. Best individual results were achieved by Barcza and Gereben (5/6).

That was all over since all of three editions had been completed. Hungary were declared the proud winners of the Triennial Cup. They also received a special prize for best performance of reserve team.

Best board results

bd name code pts gms %
1. GM Filip, Miroslav CSR 5 70.0
2. GM Barcza, Gedeon HUN 5 6 83.3
3. Szilágyi, György HUN 6 75.0
4. Bély, Miklós HUN 5 70.0
5. IM Kluger, Gyula HUN 6 58.3
6. Alster, Ladislav CSR 6 75.0
7. Bilek, István HUN 3 4 75.0
8. IM Gereben, Ernő HUN 5 6 83.3

Best game prizes

First beauty prize:
Fichtl, Jiří (CSR) - Gereben, Ernő (HUN) 0 - 1

Second beauty prize:
Gawlikowski, Stanisław (POL2) - Pachman, Luděk (CSR) 0 - 1 (not available)

Third beauty prize:
Alster, Ladislav (CSR) - Litmanowicz, Władysław (POL2) 1 - 0

Interesting games

A not very well played ending by 19-year old Lajos.
Doda, Zbigniew (POL2) - Portisch, Lajos (HUN) 1 - 0

A monumental duel and a masterpiece finish by Szabó.
Szabó, László (HUN) - Śliwa, Bogdan (POL) 1 - 0