3rd Yugoslav Team Chess Championship: Opatija 1948

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Basic data

3rd Yugoslav Team Chess Championship
(see all-time tournament summary)
Dates: 26th September - 4th October 1947
City: Opatija, Croatian SR, Yugoslavia
Venue: Hotel Slavija
Tournament Director:
Chief Arbiter: Dragutin Zornberg
Teams participating: 10
Yugoslav Army: ŠK Partizan Belgrade
Champions of Serbian SR: Crvena zvezda Belgrade
Champions of Croatian SR: ŠK Mladost Zagreb
Champions of Slovenian SR: ŠK Krim Ljubljana
Champions of SAR Vojvodina: ŠK Sloga Novi Sad
Champions of Bosniak SR: ŠK Sarajevo
Champions of Macedonian SR: ŠK Vardar Skopje
Champions of Montenegrin SR: vacant (no championship held)

From qualification tournament: ŠK Dinamo Pančevo, ŠK Dinamo Zagreb, ŠK Metalac Belgrade (replacing vacant place of Montenegro)
Players participating: 90
Games played: 360
Competition format: Eight board round robin.
Top 6 secured place in the 1949 Yugoslav league while the bottom four were relegated to the qualifications.
Final order decided by: Game points
Time control:
Sources: Partizanopedia.rs, perpetualcheck.com
Downloadable game file: 48yugoslavia.zip

Tournament review

It was planned that the league would be played in Rijeka, but due to "insurmountable technical difficulties" (the lack of hotel rooms for about 110 people, the lack of a suitable hall, difficulties to grand paid leave for volunteers who would help the organizers) it was very late moved to Hotel Slavija in the center of Opatija. The playing schedule was daily rounds from 8 AM to 12 PM, with adjournments from 4 PM to 8 PM.

The three biggest favorites for the title were weakened by missing some of their best players: Partizan for Gligorić, Krim arrived without Pirc, while Crvena zvezda were missing half of their team - Tomović, Simonović, Andrić and Srećko Nedeljković. The new champions emerged only after the last round, which Partizan and Crvena zvezda entered tied at 43½ points each, while Krim were behind at 42. Crvena zvezda beat Partizan 5-3 and thus won their second title. As Krim convincingly beat Sloga 6-2 to overcome Partizan at second. It is worth noting that Ivkov (Crvena zvezda) made 8 out of 8 at board six while and Matanović (Partizan) made 8½ out of 9 at board eight.

An unusual provision was introduced, that the player who does not have 39 moves recorded on his scorsheet by the time control loses the game. Unfortunately, this bizarre provision came to be applied in the decisive Radojčić-Ivkov game. Both players did not jot down their last moves under time pressure and the flag fell to Radojčić first. The referee declared the game to be lost for Radojčić, based on the provision mentioned above, although both players had already made 40 moves. The tournament jury decided to overturn the referee's decision and the game continued. Ivkov won nonetheless to claim the title for his team.

/ Based on reports from perpetualcheck.com /

Best board results

bd name flag code pts gms %
=1. Milić, Borislav Yugoslavia PTBE 6 9 66.7
=1. Vidmar, Milan jr Yugoslavia KRLJ 6 9 66.7
2. Puc, Stojan Yugoslavia KRLJ 7 8 87.5
3. Avirović, Đorđe Yugoslavia SLNS 8 9 88.9
=4. Jerman, Ivan Yugoslavia MLAZ 6 9 66.7
=4. Prajnfalk, Anton Yugoslavia KRLJ 6 9 66.7
5. Trajković, Mihajlo Yugoslavia CZBE 6 9 66.7
6. Ivkov, Borislav Yugoslavia CZBE 8 8 100.0
7. Gruber, Bratoljub Yugoslavia PTBE 9 83.3
8. Matanović, Aleksandar Yugoslavia PTBE 9 94.4