4th Yugoslav Team Chess Championship: Opatija 1949

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Basic data

4th Yugoslav Team Chess Championship
(see all-time tournament summary)
Dates: 5th - 12th September 1949
City: Opatija, SR Croatia, Yugoslavia
Venue: Hotel Slavija
Tournament Director:
Chief Arbiter: Dr. Petar Trifunović
Teams participating: 8
Top six from 1948 Yugoslav team championship
Top two from qualification tournament.

Note! Crvena zvezda changed name to Belgrade University Vidmar ŠK. Dinamo Zagreb changed name to ŠK Zagreb, Sloga Novi Sad to Novosadski ŠK.
Players participating: 76
Games played: 224
Competition format: Eight board round robin.
Teams ranked 5th-8th were relegated, but place 5 and 6 earned spot in the 1950 qualification tournament.
Final order decided by: Game points
Time control:
Sources: Partizanopedia.rs, perpetualcheck.com
Downloadable game file: 49yugoslavia.zip

Tournament review

The title was won by Partizan, strengthened by Gligorić and Andrić, while the second-placed Belgrade University Chess Club Vidmar (former Crvena zvezda) were weakened by absence of Đaja and Popović (while Ivkov played only the first three games). About 80 players took part in the league, of which 15 masters and 21 masters candidates. The best individual score was achieved by Matanović who won all 7 games on the sixth board, while Gligorić had an impressive 6½ (Rabar stopped him with a draw in the last round) on the first board.

Best board results

1st Board
bd name flag code pts gms %
1. Gligorić, Svetozar Yugoslavia PTBE 7 92.9
2. Nedeljković, Srećko Yugoslavia CZBE 6 7 85.7
3. Kindij, Igor Yugoslavia MLAZ 6 75.0
=4. Popović, Žarko Yugoslavia SLNS 5 7 71.4
=4. Trajković, Mihajlo Yugoslavia CZBE 5 7 71.4
5. Andrić, Dragoslav Yugoslavia PTBE 7 78.6
6. Matanović, Aleksandar Yugoslavia PTBE 7 7 100.0
7. Gruber, Bratoljub Yugoslavia PTBE 7 78.6
8. Sikošek, Boris Yugoslavia KRLJ 6 75.0