2nd Yugoslav Team Chess Championship: Zagreb 1947

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Basic data

2nd Yugoslav Team Chess Championship
(see all-time tournament summary)
Dates: 1st - 7th September 1947
City: Zagreb, Croatian SR, Yugoslavia
Venue: Worker's House
Tournament Director:
Chief Arbiter:
Teams participating: 7 champions of republics + 1 army team
Serbian SR: Crvena zvezda Belgrade
Slovenian SR: Krim Ljubljana
Croatian SR: Mladost Zagreb
Bosniak SR: Torpedo Sarajevo
Macedonian SR: Vardar Skopje
Vojvodina SAR: Sloga Novi Sad
Montenegrin SR: none (no championship held)
Army team: Partizan Belgrade

Play-off for vacant place (runners-up from Serbia and Croatia): Zagreb, 31.08.1947
Dinamo Zagreb-Borac Čačak 5½-2½
Players participating: 70
Games played: 224
Competition format: Eight board round robin.
Final order decided by: Game points
Time control:
Sources: Partizanopedia.rs, perpetualcheck.com
Dubious and missing: Missing board results of three matches from rounds 6 and 7.
Round 6 Partizan-Vardar: not sure if Dudevski-Gruber 0-1 and Ivanovski-Petrovic ½-½ is correct. May also be ½-½ and 0-1 respectively.
Downloadable game file: 47yugoslavia.zip

Tournament review

The final of the second team championship of FNR Yugoslavia was held in the hall of the Workers' House in Zagreb from September 1 to 7, 1947. The draw decided that the biggest contenders for the title, Crvena Zvezda and Partizan, would meet already in the first round. Crvena Zvezda minimally overcame Partizan and safely held first place, until they lost to Krim in the penultimate round, which Partizan used to take the lead thanks to a great victory over Vardar. In the interesting duels of the last round Partizan kept the advantage and won the title of team champion of Yugoslavia by half a point. The individual hero of the tournament was Gabrovšek (Krim) with 5½ out of 6, while Sikošek (Torpedo) and Tomović (Crvena Zvezda) were the best on the first board with 5 out of 7. In the victorous team of Partizan, Božić, Germek and Radivoje Marković were brilliant with 6 out of 7, as well as Milić with 5½ out of 7 on the second board.

Horvat did not arrive at the adjournemnt session to continue his game against Georgijevski and lost. The last game between Muždeka and Filipović lasted for more than 8 hours and was adjourned as the train was leaving Zagreb. It was declared as a draw on the next day by the jury (V. Vuković and Gligorić).

/ Based on reports from perpetualcheck.com /

Best board results

bd name flag code pts gms %
=1. Sikošek, Boris Yugoslavia TORS 5 7 71.4
=1. Tomović, Vasilije Yugoslavia CZBE 5 7 71.4
2. Milić, Borislav Yugoslavia PTBE 7 78.6
3. Božić, Aleksandar Yugoslavia PTBE 6 7 85.7
4. Gabrovšek, Ludvik Yugoslavia KRLJ 6 91.7
5. Germek, Milan Yugoslavia PTBE 6 7 85.7
6. Radojčić, Miroslav Yugoslavia PTBE 7 64.3
7. Marković, Radivoje Yugoslavia PTBE 6 7 85.7
8. Muždeka, Gojko Yugoslavia CZBE 4 87.5