1st Yugoslav Team Chess Championship: Belgrade 1946/1947

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Basic data

1st Yugoslav Team Chess Championship
(see all-time tournament summary)
Dates: Preliminaries: 9th - 16th February 1947
Finals: 1st - 2nd March 1947
City: Finals: Belgrade, Serbian SR, Yugoslavia
Venue: Preliminaries: Triglav restaurant (Sarajevo), Trade Union Hall (Skopje), Worker's House (Cetinje)
Finals: Central Chess House, Terazije, Belgrade
Tournament Director:
Chief Arbiter:
Teams participating: Slovenian SR: NK Enotnost Ljubljana (withdrew)
Croatian SR: ŠK Mladost Zagreb
Serbian SR: Crvena Zvezda Belgrade
Bosniak SR: ŠK Torpedo Sarajevo
Montenegrin SR: ŠK Lovćen Cetinje
Macedonian SR: SK Rabotnički Skopje
SAP Vojvidina: ŠK Sloga Novi Sad
Yugoslav Army: CDJA Partizan Belgrade
Players participating: 65
Games played: Preliminaries: 24
Finals: 48
Competition format: Quarterfinals, then four winners qualify to the eight board round robin final.
Final order decided by: Game points
Time control:
Sources: Partizanopedia.rs, perpetualcheck.com
Dubious: "Ljudska pravica" says that the 7th board for Rabotnički was played by Zalevski, which is more logical, while M. Đorđević: in "Team championships of Yugoslavia in chess 1946-1979" says it was Zlatevski.

The situation regarding the Slovenian representative is not clear. Fusions were made where Svoboda, Borac and Udarnik merged into one club, while Bratstvo, Partizan and Železničar merged into Triglav ("Naš sport", 10.12.1946).
Downloadable game file: 46yugoslavia.zip

Tournament review

The cycle for the first post-war team championship of Yugoslavia began in 1946 through inter-club competitions in the people's republics. Team championship of Montenegro: Lovćen beat ŠK Titograd in Cetinje. Team championship of Bosnia and Herzegovina: 1. Udarnik Sarajevo, 2. Železničar Banja Luka, 3. Velež Mostar. Croatian team championship: Mladost Zagreb beat Udarnik Karlovac in the final.

The 7 winners of republic's team championships plus the army team Partizan played single-leg match to qualify to the four team final. All quarterfinal matches were scheduled to take place on February 9, 1947. The champion of Slovenia, Enotnost Ljubljana, withdrew for unknown reasons, so Sloga Novi Sad (Vojvodina) entered the finals by default. In Sarajevo (at the Triglav restaurant) Mladost Zagreb were unfriendly guests and beat Torpedo by 6-2. Due to heavy snowfall on that day, other matches could not be played and were postponed for a week. In Skopje (local trade union council hall) Crvena zvezda (Red Star) beat Rabotnički 6-2, while in Cetinje (hall of the Workers' House) Partizan won against Lovćen 8-0 (although the inexperienced Montenegrin team put up quite a strong resistance). The four winners qualified for the Final.

The final tournament was played in the Central Chess House on Terazije, Belgrade in front of a crowd of sometimes loud spectators, who could easily follow all the games on huge demonstration boards. The tournament was planned for February 22nd-23rd, but was postponed to March 1st-2nd due to communication difficulties following unfriendly weather conditions. The first two rounds were played on Saturday, and the final round and the adjournment session were held on Sunday. The first post-war champion was deservedly Crvena zvezda, made up of the very young players, equal in terms of strength and reinforced on the first board by master Tomović.

The game of the last round Popović - Šiška was interrupted after six hours of play and sent to the tournament committee (Trifunović, Gligorić, O. Nedeljković) for assessment. It was decided that the game was a draw, and Partizan beat Sloga, but not enough to overtake them in the final table.

/ Based on reports from perpetualcheck.com /

Best board results

bd name flag code pts gms %
=1. Kulžinski, Nikolaj Yugoslavia SLNS 2 3 66.7
=1. Rabar, Braslav Yugoslavia MLAZ 2 3 66.7
=2. Marković, Mihailo Yugoslavia PTBE 4 62.5
=2. Andrić, Dragoslav Yugoslavia CZBE 4 62.5
=3. Božić, Aleksandar Yugoslavia PTBE 3 4 75.0
=3. Simonović, Borko Yugoslavia CZBE 3 4 75.0
4. Trajković, Mihajlo Yugoslavia CZBE 4 87.5
=5. Nedeljković, Srećko Yugoslavia PTBE 4 62.5
=5. Janošević, Dragoljub Yugoslavia CZBE 4 62.5
6. Đaja, Dragutin Yugoslavia PTBE 4 87.5
7. Potasman, Vilim Yugoslavia CZBE 2 3 66.7
8. Sabadoš, Joakim Yugoslavia CZBE 3 83.3