2nd European U18 Team Chess Championship (girls): Balatonlelle 2001

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Basic data

2nd European U18 Team Chess Championship (girls)
(see all-time tournament summary)
Date: 22nd - 29th June 2001
City: Balatonlelle, Hungary
Venue: N/A
Tournament Director: N/A
Chief Arbiter: N/A
Teams participating: 13 (incl. Slovenia "B", Romania "B" and Ukraine "B")
Open to players born after 1.1.1983
Players participating: 31 (incl. 4 WIMs and 4 WFMs)
Games played: 84
Competition format: Four board seven round Swiss.
Final order decided by: 1. Game points; 2. Buchholz
Time control: N/A
Website: http://www.chess.hu/en/tour_group.php?group_id=1
Other websites: Report prepared by German team coach [in German]
Downloadable game file: 01eurotch-g.zip

Tournament review

The second girl's U18 European Team Championship was an exceptionally tough event. It saw four +2300 players (top rated Pähtz 2358) and a bunch of decent 2100s. Hungary were top seeded with average Elo 2343, edging Germany by some 100 points and Ukraine by more than 150.

Surprisingly it was Yugoslavia who took halfway lead with 6½ points after four rounds, a clear point ahead of Ukraine and Germany. Hungary lost to Ukraine and were lying in fifth another point behind. The Serbs had yet to face top opposition and it brutally uncovered their weakness as they lost last three matches by 2-0! With last round to go Germany were in the lead at 9½, then came Ukraine (9) and Hungary (8). On the last day Hungary and Ukraine won 2-0 with ease, while Germany had a nightmare day playing Romania - Mietzner lost to Miron to shatter gold medal dreams; then Helm lost a won ending vs Motoc and Germany fell down to third position, behind Ukraine and Hungary. Best individual results were obtained by the following players: Eli Pähtz of Germany 5/6, Dembo and T.Gara of Hungary 4/5, Lahno and Zdebskaya of Ukraine 5½/7.

Individual medals

1st Board
no. name code pts gms %
1. WIM Pähtz, Elisabeth GER 5 6 83.3
2. WIM Dembo, Yelena HUN 4 5 80.0
3. WFM Lahno, Kateryna UKR 7 78.6

2nd Board
no. name code pts gms %
1. Zdebskaya, Natalia UKR 7 78.6
2. Savić, Marijana YUG 5 70.0
3. Miron, Oana ROM 7 64.3

Interesting games

Cannily done by White.
Zdebskaya, Natalia (UKR) - Gara, Anita (HUN) 1 - 0

Germany's doom: part two.
Helm, Leonie (GER) - Motoc, Alina (ROM) 0 - 1