Panamerican Team Chess Championship

Panamerican ChessThe Panamerican Team Championship is, sorry to say, just a conventional name, which doesn't reflect the reality. As seven editions have been played for 35 years virtually all of participating nations were South American, with the sole exception of Cuba which is Latin American country. We never saw neither Canada, nor USA participating which obviously deteriorated prestige of the championship. The very first edition was played in Argentina, 1971, and was convincingly won by the host team. Panno and Quinteros scored remarkable 7 of 7 each. There was a big gap after that until 1985 when Argentina hosted the championship again, and won the event too. In 1987 Argentina were the hosts for the third and the last time. Cuba took their first win. From then on, the Cubans did not let the cup slip out of their hands. They won consecutive editions in 1991, 1995, 2000 (in Venezuela) and 2003. Just four teams took part in the 2003 editions held in Rio de Janeiro, although more than ten were expected. Cuba took their fifth consecutive title. Next edition is due in 2007.

Winners: 5x Cuba, 2x Argentina




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