Celtic Triangular

Celtic CrossThe Home Countries International was held in Glasgow, May 9-11, 1975 for each of the four British Isles teams, celebrating the City of Glasgow's 800th anniversary. The line-ups were rather strong with exception of England who did not field strongest players. Still, England won with impressive margin.

Although this proved to be a one-time event, the 1980s Celtic Triangulars were played for the Glasgow 800 trophy too, and as such are loosely connected to 1975 meeting. The three teams (no England whis time) played all-round double eight board event, decided by game points. Wales took the first trophy in 1982, but failed to take the other in 1984, even though they beat Scotland. The tournament was then discontinued and there is no further mention of it in the archives.

no. host city year 1st 2nd 3rd system boards teams players games PGN
Glasgow* View tournament crosstable Scotland 1975 ENG SCO WLS RR 8 4 32 48
1. all-round View tournament crosstable - 1981/82 WLS SCO IRL RR 2x8 3 31 48
2. all-round View tournament crosstable - 1983/84 SCO WLS IRL RR 2x8 3 31 48
* - the 1975 tournament was a 4-nations tournament to celebrate 800 years of the Glasgow city. The Celtic Triangulars were for Glasgow 800 trophy too, though formally speaking they were not connected to the first one.




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