5th World Blind Team Chess Championship: Eretria 2005

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Basic data

5th World Blind Team Chess Championship
(see all-time tournament summary)
Date: 13th - 20th July 2005
City: Eretria, Evia island, Greece
Venue: Eretria Village Hotel
Chairman of Organizing Committee: Mr. Apergis Dimitris (GRE)
Tournament Director: Mr. Nikos Kalesis (GRE)
Chief Arbiter: IA Andreas Kofidis (GRE)
Teams participating: 16 (top 15 teams from 2004 Blind Olympiad + Greece)
Players participating: 70 (incl. 2 IMs, 3 FMs and 1 WIM)
Games played: 224
Competition format: Four board eight round Swiss.
Final order decided by: 1. Game points; 2. Match Points; 3. Buchholz
Time control: 40 moves in 2 hours, then 30 moves to finish the game.
Official logo: ERETRIA 2005
Website: http://www.blackqueen.net/sokoridallou/blind05/ (cached)
Downloadable game file: 05wtchblind.zip

Tournament review

The fifth World Cup for visually impaired players took off days after conclusion of Women's and Junior World Blind Championships. The chess festival took place in Eretria, Evia island, Greece. Besides being very picturesque, the hotel's village style set up provided good food and accommodation, comfortable playing conditions and plenty of recreational facilities.

It was originally planned to divide the 16 participating nations into two groups of eight and hold an all-play-all event in each group. After this, the top team in each group would play for places 1 and 2, and so on downwards. However, because of financial problems, the Russian squad was forced to drop out at short notice. Consequently, the format was changed to an eight round Swiss tournament. The nation with the free day would be credited with four draws. Also, due to sickness, Kazakhstan arrived with only three players. Therefore, each nation playing them would be credited with one board point.

PolandWithdrawal of Russian team, the only team capable of denying the Poles, made the tournament more predictable. Although Poland took off rather poorly, with three 2½-1½'s in a row, they had terrific finish, leaving their opposition happy to scrape up a single draw or two. Serbia & Montenegro came in surprise second. Ukraine, permanent podium aspirants, came third. The middle of the table was exceptionally squeezed as seven other teams finished within two points behind the medal zone.

Tragically, IBCA President Delfín Burdio Gracía, 71, passed away on the penultimate evening which obviously cast a cloud over the final day.

/ Based on notes from brailechess.co.uk and schach64.de /

Best board results

1st Board
no. name code pts gms %
1. IM Zhunusov, Murat KAZ 7 92.9
2. FM Magnusson, Jörgen SWE 5 7 71.4
3. Pribeanu, Dacian ROM 8 68.8

2nd Board
no. name code pts gms %
1. FM Żółtek, Tadeusz POL 8 81.3
2. Cajzler, Hinko CRO 6 8 75.0
3. FM Desanjosé Candalija, Eduardo ESP 5 7 71.4

3rd Board
no. name code pts gms %
1. Suder, Ryszard POL 8 81.3
2. Vulin, Milorad YUG 5 7 71.4
3. Satybaldiev, Rinat KAZ 5 7 71.4

4th Board
no. name code pts gms %
1. Erős, Pál HUN 6 7 85.7
2. Gunajew, Rafał POL 6 8 75.0
3. Selkovski, Žarko MKD 6 75.0

Interesting games

Shortest decisive game (this happens when you play from memory).
Wikman, Bengt (FIN) - Rév, Miklós (HUN) 0 - 1

The top two rated players met on the last day.
Magnusson, Jörgen (SWE) - Dukaczewski, Piotr (POL) 1 - 0