5th Panamerican Team Chess Championship: Cascavel 1995

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Basic data

5th Panamerican Team Chess Championship
(see all-time tournament summary)
Date: 14th - 21st December 1995
City: Cascavel, Paraná state, Brazil
Venue: Clube Comercial
Tournament Director: Mr. Sérgio Bialecki (BRA)
Chief Arbiter: IA Francisco Ricardo Terres Trois (BRA)
Deputy Arbiter: José Augusto de Melo Neto (BRA)
Teams participating: 7
Players participating: 39 (incl. 8 GMs, 9 IMs and 4 FMs)
Games played: 84 (BOL forfeited 6 games on board #1)
Competition format: Four board round robin.
Final order decided by: 1. Game points; 2. Match points; 3. Direct match result; 4. Berger; 5. Blitz play-off; 6. Drawing of lots
Time control: 40 moves in 2 hours, then 1 hour for the rest of the game
Downloadable game file: 95panamtch.zip

Tournament review

Seven teams came to Cascavel to take part in the 5th Panamerican Team Championship. Cuba, the titleholders, sent strongest squad to Brazil same as Argentina, who were only 5th in Guarapuava in 1991. Third team expected to play major role in the competition were Brazil, the hosts. Colombia, bronze medal winners from Guarapuava did not arrive. Bolivia had only three men and lost six game by forfeit.

Cuba took off with a priceless win over Brazil. Arencibia and Becerra Rivero won with white pieces and Brazil managed only to pick one win and one draw at odd boards to set the match score to 2½-1½. Meanwhile, Argentina's Sorin lost to Valiente of Paraguay and Argentina won by the smallest possible margin. On day two Cuba scored second most important victory defeating Argentina. Arencibia beat Slipak at board #2 and the rest of the games were drawn. Brazil dropped just a fraction against Chile. All of three major teams won round three matches easily but Cuba earned another half of a point advantage over Brazil and Argentina. On day four the Cubans had a bye while both Argentina and Brazil squeezed their opposition without mercy. Standings after four rounds: Brazil 12; Argentina 10½; Cuba 8½ (one match more to play).

Day five saw Argentina sweeping out Bolivia and Cuba dropping two draws vs Chile (Argentina had a rest on that day). On penultimate day Cuba easily hammered Uruguay 4-0 while Brazil and Argentina played each other. The Argentinians had to win in order to retain silver medal hopes. Milos beat Zarnicki at top board but Argentina managed to pull back with board #2 and #3 wins to grab the minimal win and move into first position, 1½ point ahead of Cuba and 3½ point ahead of Brazil. The Cubans had an easy ride on the last day and beat Bolivia 4-0 take the gold (again). Brazil had to run over Paraguay with a clear 4-0 to move into second because of inferior number of match points. However, FM Valiente, who held a. o. GM Sorín and GM Vera González and ran throughout entire competition undefeated drew with IM Lima to steal priceless half of a point from Brazil's hands and let Argentina stay in second position. Chile's victory over Uruguay sealed their 4th place, ahead of Paraguay and Uruguay. Bolivia came last with six match losses and no game win.

Best individual scores were recorded by GM Milos of Brazil (5½/6 at top board and 2772 performance) and IM Ricardi of Argentina (4/4 at board #2). In overall, Cuba won three individual gold medals, Argentina two and Brazil one. Other individual results worth mentioning: Barría of Chile (4/6 without loss and 2527 performance) and FM Valiente of Paraguay (3/5 and 2477)

Individual medals

bd name code pts gms %
1. GM Milos, Gilberto BRA 6 91.7
2. IM Ricardi, Pablo ARG 4 4 100.0
3. IM Slipak, Sergio David ARG 4 5 80.0
4.= GM Rodríguez Céspedes, Amador CUB 3 4 75.0
4.= IM Vescovi, Giovanni BRA 3 4 75.0
1r. IM Becerra Rivero, Julio CUB 4 87.5
2r. IM Borges Mateos, Juan CUB 3 3 100.0

Interesting games

Interesting figure-oriented play with the pawns swept out from the board.
Lima, Darcy (BRA) - Slipak, Sergio David (ARG) 0 - 1

Central outpost of black Bishop did not prevent White from conducting mating attack.
Arencibia, Walter (CUB) - Sunyé Neto, Jaime (BRA) 1 - 0

Double fianchetto led to a brisk win.
Lima, Darcy (BRA) - Vera González, Reynaldo (CUB) 1 - 0

The 2500 player was totally outplayed by much weaker opponent.
Sorin, Ariel (ARG) - Valiente, Cristóbal (PAR) 0 - 1

White build up pressure on central squares until he finally took utter control over the board.
Milos, Gilberto (BRA) - Zarnicki, Pablo (ARG) 1 - 0

Valiente managed to held Black to save silver medals for Argentina.
Valiente, Cristóbal (PAR) - Lima, Darcy (BRA) ½ - ½