9th CACAC Team Chess Championship: Guatemala 1971

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Basic data

9th CACAC Team Chess Championship
Date: 31st July - 11th August 1971
City: Guatemala city, Guatemala
Venue: Rafael Landívar hall, The National Library
Tournament Director: Mr. Paul Dougherty (GUA)
Chief Arbiter: Mr. Francisco Catalan M. (GUA)
Teams participating: 10
Players participating: 50
Games played: 180
Competition format: Four board round robin.
Final order decided by: 1. Game points; 2. Match points?
Time control: N/A
Downloadable game file: 71cacac.zip
Tournament bulletin: 1971_cacac.pdf
Special thanks to Moshe Beinart for retyping the games from the bulletin.

Tournament review

Ten teams took part in the 9th CACAC team championship in Guatemala. The incumbent champions Puerto Rico did not arrive. The championship was won by Mexico, despite their surprise 3-1 loss to El Salvador in the opening round. The 1971 win until today remains their unique international team chess trophy. Nicaragua came in second, though they weren't quite expected to do so. Venezuela won bronze defending a 2-2 draw vs Guatemala in the last round. Best individual results were achieved by Campos Ruíz (MEX) - 8/9 on 2nd board, Salas (NCA) - 7/9 and Martínez (PAN) - 6½/9 on board #4.

The individual championship was won by Alberto Caro (VEN).

Best board results

bd name flag code pts gms %
1. Caro, Alberto Venezuela VEN 6 9 66.7
2. Campos Ruíz, Alberto Mexico MEX 8 9 88.9
3. Noguera, Óscar Nicaragua NCA 6 9 66.7
4. Salas, Narciso Nicaragua NCA 7 9 77.8
res. Vassaux, Guillermo Guatemala GUA 5 6 83.3

Interesting games

This is one of seven Campos' wins that contributed to Mexico's overall win.
Jorge, Gustavo (NCA) - Campos Ruíz, Alberto (MEX) 0 - 1

Martínez scored exceptionally well, still level of his play was far from decent master.
Martínez, Juan Ramón (PAN) - Ramírez, Benito (MEX) 1 - 0

It is really hard to pick good games here, but the choice of extremely poor, awkward chess is wide.
This game is one of our favourites. Really terrible chess!
Haskins, Marco (PAN) - Matos, Jesús (DOM) 0 - 1