European Youth U18 Team Championship history

European Youth ChessThe European Youth Team Championship is organized annually by European Chess Union and is open for players under 18 years of age. There is separate competition for boys and girls. Boys' teams play at four boards and girls' teams at two boards. Because of school duties the event takes place in the summer time. The Challenge Cup awarded to the respective winners cannot be acquired for perpetuity. About 10 up to 15 teams participate every year.

The first edition took place in 2000 in beautiful Hungarian resort Balatonlelle lying at the coast of the famous Balaton lake. Ukraine won both boys' and girls' section - the same happened on the next year. In 2002 Ukrainian girls won third consecutive title while boys were edged out by the Romanians. The competition was awarded to Balatonlelle for the fourth consecutive time in 2003. Winners were Hungary (boys) and Romania (girls). In 2004 in Belgrade just seven teams participated in both boys' and girls' section. Germany won in boys' section and Serbia & Montenegro in girls' section. In 2005 the competition was cancelled. 2006 saw event back in Hungary after three year long separation. Russian rookies took top trophy in boys' event and the host team won a very tight girl's competition. The 2007 Championship took place in Subotica (Serbian autonomous region of Vojvodina). Mighty Hungarian team took easy win in boy's contest ahead of sensational Turkey, while Romania took their second ever girl's trophy followed by recently splitted teams of Serbia and Montenegro, which won silver and bronze medals respectively.

The winner list (2000-2014):

Boys: 5x Poland, 3x Hungary, 2x Ukraine, 1x Romania, 1x Germany, 1x Russia, 1x Turkey

Girls: 3x Ukraine, 3x Poland, 3x Romania, 2x Hungary, 1x Serbia & Montenegro, 1x Russia, 1x Slovenia




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