Small Nations Chess Team Tournament

Sealand platformThe Max Euwe Chess Association from Monte Carlo organized three editions of the tournament of small nations in 1993, 1995 and 1997 respectivaly, with financial support of Joop van Oosterom, famous millionaire and addicted chess patron. The venues were Metropole Hotel Mount-Carl, then l' Mirabeau hotel (from which the famous curve of the circuit of Formula 1 took its name) and l' Hotel de Méridien Beach Plaza. The tournament was worldwide with some exotic nations (Aruba, Seychelles) participating as well. The tournament winners were San Marino, Andorra and Liechtenstein while the number of participating nations grew up to 10. As the cycle expired in 1997 the San Marino Chess Federation took an effort to revive it to create biennial event played across the Europe. The 2009 edition was hosted by Andorra. As for now, the tournament is open for European small nations.

no. host city year 1st 2nd 3rd system boards teams players games PGN
5. Andorra la Vella View tournament crosstable Andorra 2017 FAI MNC AND RR 4 10 180
4. Saint Peter Port View tournament crosstable Guernsey 2015 LUX MNC FAI RR 4 10 49 180
3. Monte Carlo View tournament crosstable Monaco 2013 FAI AND MNC RR 4 10 49 180
2. Klaksvík View tournament crosstable Faroe Islands 2011 LUX FAI MNC RR 4 10 48 180
1. Andorra la Vella View tournament crosstable Andorra 2009 FAI AND LUX RR 4 10 44 180
- WWW Monte Carlo Monaco 1997 AND MNC AHO RR 4 10 40 180 N/A
- WWW Monte Carlo Monaco 1995 LIE AND AHO RR 4 10 40 180 N/A
- WWW Monte Carlo Monaco 1993 SMR AND AHO RR 4 8 40 112 N/A




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