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(updated 15th August 2011)
  1. Tournament bulletins from Asian Team Championships from the following years: 1979 (only vol.2) and 1989.
  2. Results and games from 1997 African Team Championships in Egypt.
  3. Tournament bulletin from 6th Women's Olympiad Skopje 1972.
  4. Games from preliminary group E from 7th Women's Olympiad Medellin 1974.
  5. Bulletins of World Youth U26 Team Championships from years: 1983, 1986, 1987.
  6. Bulletin of 1974 Clare Benedict Cup (Cala Galdana, Spain).
  7. Bulletins of Mitropa Cup from years: 1976, 1977, 1980, 1982.
  8. Bulletins of Allied Armies (Communist) from years: 1974 (Sofia) and 1986 (Tbilisi).
  9. Bulletins of Asian Cities Team Tournaments 1979-1996

Without your help OlimpBase would never grow. To learn how you can best help us develop find the list below. For detailed information on what is missing from particular competition please jump to the very bottom of this page.

Here's what you can do:

  • provide data from tournament books and bulletins - if you owe books and bulletins that might be helpful then please do the chess community the favour and get in touch with us. You can scan/fax/photocopy/lend us the volumes.
  • tell us about people who might be able to help - it is essential to find people who not only want, but also can help us. Sometimes the hardest thing is to find them. You may contribute just by passing our info on to those people.
  • help to standardize players' names - this is another big story. If you are familiar with Arab, Latin American and African names (but not only) this is a must reading.
  • annotate your memorable games - if you happen to be the hero of any game included in our database then you are warmly welcomed to annotate it so that it could become one of our highlights (like here or here)! Your commentary should focus mostly on psychological and social issues, this should be sort of a tale rather than long lines full of technical stuff. Tell us what you felt, what interesting happened around the game, what your hopes and fears were. Your games will be put among other highlights so it is a chance for you to see your games be preserved forever and not forgotten by the mankind.
  • provide players biographies and photos - every player owes his/her own personal subpage with the all-time records listed separately for each event. A place for his/her photos and biography is also there. Feel free to send them to us, surprisingly photos are what people enjoy most! This section is quite poorly developed yet, as we have much more important things to do, but it will grow sooner or later, so don't worry.
  • send us trivia, anecdotes etc. - those cannot be found in official archives. But still OlimpBase is much more than an archive.
  • retype games from bulletins - most of games from the past have been included in MegaBase, but not all. If you like to be of help and have some idle time but no idea about how you could contribute then this is a choice for you. We have the following bulletins available formatted in PDF, with the games included there just waiting to be retyped. Be careful, the bulletins are no well photocopied so they cannot be scanned and processed automatically. Also, some of them might appear utterly hard to read because of poor quality of the text. It is up to you how you will set up your challenge. Please contact us before.
    CACAC Championship in Guatemala 1971, CACAC Championship in San Salvador 1974, Student Olympiad in Mexico City 1977, Youth U26 in Mexico City 1978.
  • donate chess literature - only tournament bulletins and other rare issues provide most complete and reliable data. Due to abundance of important volumes it might be too expensive for me to cover all the costs. You can sponsor some of the books. Please contact me and declare how much you would like to donate. Please consider standard donation rates at $20, $50 or $100 (usually good bulletin package is $100, a big book is $50 and a small book is $20) to be awarded the title of Bronze, Silver or Gold Sponsor respectively. You receive lifetime advertisement link at respective OlimpBase subpage.

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