Standardization of players' names

Diligent standardization of players' names is what differs OlimpBase from other widely known chess databases. With a lot of experience rough data processing I may put a statement that the commercial databases are amply good as far as game notation is concerned. However name standardizing is worse than terrible. For example MegaBase offers very reliable surname data, but their assignment of given names for particular surnames in each game is just a lottery (NEVER believe in it for older and more obscure games).

OlimpBase put a lot of time and attention on proper and logical standardizing methods. Some commonly used forms are not used here because of their inaccuracy.

Please scan the list below (sorted by country). Have you found any answer for the raised problem, please do not hesitate to drop us a short note. Here are most common reasons for erroneous entries:
  • spelling may be incorrect, like Kapsarov instead of Kasparov
  • missing accents and/or special symbols, like Simon instead of Simón
  • surnames and given names may be confused, like Alan, Gregor not Gregor, Alan
  • same player may appear twice under different names, like Smith, R. and Smith, Robert

  1. Names from Latin American countries might be very inaccurate (mainly due to limited set of commonly used first names and surnames).
  2. Arab names have no standardized way of transcription, even worse I'm afraid many names are dupes.


  • It seems that Salazar (1960, first name unknown) and Salazar, H. (1964-1966) is the same person. Is it correct?

Bolivia/Puerto Rico

  • Is Martinez Vaca, Fernando (Bolivia 1972) same player as Martinez, Fernando (Puerto Rico 1964 and 1970)?


  • There are four Stefanovs representing Bulgaria at the Student Olympiads: P. in 1960, Josif in 1964, Jordan in 1966 and G. in 1966. Is it correct and what are full names?

Costa Rica/Peru

  • Is González Acosta, Bernal Manuel (Costarica Olympiad team 1990-2004) same player as González Bernal, Manuel (Peru 1978 and 1986)?


  • Which player was actually Cuban #4 at Lugano, 1968: Rodriguez Cordoba, Jesus or Rodriguez Gonzales, Jesus?


  • Calero, Iván is the player that appears in both Cuban and Ecuadorian team. Is it the same person or not?

Denmark/Faroe Islands

  • Is Petersen, Finn (Denmark 1968-1970) same player as Petersen, Finn (Faroe Islands 1974)?


  • Deras Diaz listed both for Guatemala and Honduras. Is it the same person?


  • There is a player named Noradounguian, Georges. Some sources refer to a player Nora, Georges. Is this the same player maybe?


  • There are three Björnssons representing Iceland at the Student Olympiads: Bragi in 1964, Tómas in 1966-1967 and Alf in 1969. Is it correct?


  • There is a player Ebneswar, J. at U26 Youth Championship in Brazil, 1991. It is obviously misspelled. What is correct form?


  • Is it true that Irani player Mashian, Houshang left for Israel and became Mashian, Yacoov?


  • A. Taha, Mohamed Taha, A. A. Taha (1972-1996). Is this one, two or maybe three different players?


  • Is Henk Bouwmeester alternative spelling of Hans Bouwmeester or they are different players (brothers maybe)?
  • Is Weiland to represent Holland at the Student Olympiad in 1955 the same person as Weiland, H. to play for Netherland Antilles in the 1974 Olympiad?


  • 1980 Olympiad: Tawengi is originally spelled Tawinjie. Which is correct?
  • Is Shabu, Abdu Matrife (U26 World Team Ch. in 1978) same player as Shabsh Abdulatif, Mohammed, four time Olympic squad member 1978-1988?
  • Is Salem, Ali (U26 World Team Ch. in 1978) same player as Salem, Ali Maoloud, Olympic tem member in 1998 and 2004?


  • Player's name is Ali Farooq, but is it Ali, Farooq or Farooq, Ali (which is first and which is second name)?


  • Is Martinez, J. (1974) the same player as Martinez, Juan (1966) that represents Panama?


  • Levy, Mauricio (playing for Paraguay in 1964 and 1968) and Levy, Maurice. (Rhodesia 1974). Aren't they same guy by chance? Levy, a Rhodesian, was Jewish expatriate.


  • Silva Nazzari, Roberto (Uruguay 1962) and Silva Nazzari, Raul (Paraguay 1968) seem to be very similar. It this the same person? Brothers maybe?


  • Is Miranda, M. (Peru 1964) same player as Miranda, Herman (Peru 1970)?


  • Portugal used to field a few Cardoso's into their Olympic selection: A. Cardoso (played in 1958), D. Cardoso (1972), and Francisco Cardoso (1960). Are they one, two or three different players? What are their first names?


  • Is Pérez Gonsalves, Eduardo (Spain 1964-1966) the same player as Pérez, Eduardo (Dominicana 1974)?


  • There are three Yousif, A. representing Qatar is the same as Ahmed, Yousif?


  • There are three Erkisosns representing Sweden at the Student Olympiads: Bo in 1965, G. in 1961 and Henrik in 1960. Is it correct?


  • Is Husari, Sate and Husari, Sare the same player?
  • Is Kassem, Wahid and Kassen, N. the same player?


  • Turkey at 1980 Olympiad: Kocak. Is his first name Sabri?

United Arab Emirates

  • There are five different entries with name Saleh. Is it on, two, three or four different players? See UAE players.
  • Female players: Is Amal Abdulkarim (1980 and 1990) the same as A.Karim (1984-1986)?; Hassan, Abdul = Hassan, Amina (1996)?; Karim, Firrat = Karim, Fraidah (1984-1986)?


  • Is Gustavo Hernández (Venezuela, Olympiad player in the 60's) same person as Gustavo Hernandez from Dominicana (national champion in 1987 and 1988, Olympic squad in 1988)?

Virgin Islands

  • In 1970 and 1972 there was a player named Abraham, Ines in the squad. In 1974 Abraham, Larry appeared. Is it the same person or two different players?
  • The Potters question: A. Potters (played in 1968), H. Potters (1972) and William Potters (1970). Are they three difference people or just one with misspelled first name?