Free Chess Hosting!!

Free hosting!We have prepared a very special offer for chess Webmasters. It is now possible that you get FREE professional hosting for your chess site! What's behind the idea, you may want to ask. This is simple. My endeavours would never be successful hadn't I met dozens of gentle chess lovers who generously and freely supported OlimpBase. Now it is time for little revenge. OlimpBase offers you possibility to host your web site for free. Please find below conditions that your site must meet:

  • the content of the site must be related to chess and only to chess,
  • the site must in general be archive of chess historical data (for example a national, event or player database - local/club sites or personal chess sites will not be accepted),
  • the site must be in English,
  • everything should be available for free for anyone, neither commercial sites nor sites linking to commercial business will be accepted. You cannot make any profit from the site, so please no Google Ads, paid banners etc.,
  • site must meet decent content and programming standards.

If you are accepted then you get FREE chess hosting for your site until the end of the calendar year. The prolongation for another year should be automatic though, unless something extraordinary happens. Within your free account you will receive:

  • 100 MB of disk space (you can get more if you convince us it is necessary),
  • free domain addon (NOTE! as standard you receive the following URL; if you want your own domain be installed you have to buy it at your own),
  • free email (or, email(s) in your domain if you bought any),
  • no transfer limits (please no hot-linking),
  • FTP account, PHP, MySQL, Perl, CGI etc.,
  • no pop-ups, ads, blinking banners and other annoying stuff. You are only asked to put small OlimpBase banner at your main page.

NOTE! OlimpBase reserves right to cancel the deal at any time following user's violation of the rules explicitly stated above.
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