OlimpBase Photo Album

37th Chess Olympiad, Turin 2006

taken and prepared by © Calle Erlandsson (Sweden)

The Oval
Bird's view at the Oval from outside
Alexander Grischuk
GM Alexander Grischuk (Russia) - he had no reason for joy in Turin
The game hall
The game hall inside
Vishvanthan Anand
GM Viswanathan Anand (India) gave disastrous display in Turin
Gata Kamsky
GM Gata Kamsky (USA) former WC contender led US team to a medal
Levon Aronian
GM Levon Aronian (Armenia) had played is his first Olympiad in 1996
Serhyi Karjakin
GM Serhyi Karjakn (Ukraine) performed at 2798 and gained Elo points was was the only player in his team to do so
Vladimir Kramnik
GM Vladimir Kramnik (Russia) proved his elite membership

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