International Chess Committee of the Deaf

ICCD logo The International Committee of Silent Chess (ICSC) was founded in 1949 in Copenhagen (Denmark) and is recognised by FIDE and by the International Olympic Committee (IOC). It is an international body uniting the national federations of deaf chess players as the highest autority in matters of deaf chess. ICSC purpose is "the promotion of chess among the deaf off all nations, general improvement of their cultural level and chess knowledge and achievement of close international cooperation among chess players in their activites regarding the science of chess and in their other and cultural activities" (taken from ICSC statutes).

ICSC organizes a number of major international events, including some team tournaments:

  • World Team Championship - organized every fouth year separately for men (dating back to 1953) and women (since 1998). It's the most prestiguous deaf team event (because there are no "Deaf Olympiads"). Russia and Ukraine are the titleholders in men's and women's section respectively.
  • European and Asian Club Team Championship - as much as 16 editions of European Teams were played. Asian Teams took off in 2003.

ICSC publishes its periodical magazine "Mitteilungsblatt" (ICSC Bulletin) every four months. The Society of Friends of ICSC was founded in 1990 and approved by the ICSC Congress in 1992. The objectives of the Society are to encourage countries of the Third World to participate in ICSC events and to assist them with financial subsidies; to promote the ladies' chess within the ICSC and to provide assistance and promotion of chess events and efforts made by young deaf chess players. ICSC headquarters are located in Hertfordshire, England. The 31st ICSC Congress in Kazakhstan has approved the new name change, “International Chess Committee of the Deaf”.

People interested in obtaining further information on deaf chess will be happy to find that ICCD home page offers most complete information on contemporary ICCD fields of activity as well as excellent archive section. It should satisfy everyone.