About Blind Chess

Photo taken from http://www.blindenschachbund.de/International Braille Chess Association (IBCA) was formed in 1948 on the initiative of a blind chess-player from England, R. W. Bonham. The Association was established by representatives from nine western European countries. The Association has grown to such an extent that today it is has a worldwide network of over 50 member countries from all continents. Delfin Burdio Gracia from Spain was the last president of IBCA until his sudden death in 2005.

The main purpose of the Association is to make chess more popular among the blind and to organize international chess competitions. The most important team events are the Olympiads and the Team World Cup, held in four year cycles. Apart from those, a number of individual events is being played on a regular basis: the Individual World Championship for men and women, the U21 World Championship, the continental Championships etc.

In 1964 FIDE officially considered IBCA to be one of FIDE-affiliated chess associations. In 1994 IBCA became the full member of FIDE. The international team of blind players was allowed to take part in Chess Olympiads for the sighted people, on the same basis as national teams. IBCA teams have been regularly competing in the Olympiads since 1994. Their best position was 52nd in 1998.

The IBCA has been recognized as a part of IBSA (International Blind Sportsmen Association).

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