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4.2. Summary table for cup events

Please find details on table captions. Please note: blue background was used to mark teams qualified to the next round (applies only when there is multiple group system in one event) while arrows ( and ) were used to mark teams promoted/relegated to the next year's higher/lower class level (pyramid league system)

  • no. - numbers consecutive events. Unofficial events are labelled with "-".
  • host city - English name of the host city followed by the flag of the country the city belonged to at the time of the event (if you don't know which country is represented by the flag, move your mouse over the flag to see the cell title).
  • year - year of event (year of the day of tournament opening, to be more precise).
  • winners - the winning club (or city) along with country flag. For complete list of club codes see here.
  • system - system of play (figures to appear below are only an example):
    • RR - the round robin. All the teams participating play against each other once.
    • DRR - the double round robin. All the teams play against each other twice.
    • S-13 - the thirteen round Swiss. To learn what the Swiss system is, click here.
    • KO - the knock-out system. All the remaining participants are drawn to compose random pairs. The loser of each match is immediately eliminated from winning the championship or first prize in the event. The winner steps into the next round. KO8 is the knock-out system for eight teams (starting from quarterfinals then). In the case of the European Club Cup teams eliminated from the championship run were allowed to play to determine final ranking (according to the same KO rule). Example: four teams eliminated in round one of KO8 played for positions 5th-8th. Winners of second round played a match for 5th position, while the losers were played consolation match for 7th spot.
    • 4P+KO8 - there are four preliminary groups. The winners qualify for the final phase of the competition which is a knock-out of eight teams.
    • KO+RR4 - all teams are allowed to take part in the knock-out stage. Four winners of four quarterfinals compose the final group that plays round robin to determine the winners.
    • N/A - no data available
  • bds - number of boards each match was played at.
  • tms - number of teams participating (includes late-joins and teams to withdraw before the end). Also teams eliminated in preliminaries are taken into account.
  • plr - number of players participating (includes those who were officially fielded but did not play a single game).
  • gms - number of games played both in the finals and preliminaries (F next to the overall denotes that preliminary games were not taken into account).
  • PGN - downloadable game file in PGN format. Click on the PGN icon to get the games. The number appears instead of the disk icon while there is only incomplete set of games available (the figure shows number of games available compared to a total number of games played shown in the adjacent column). To download partial content, please move on to the event information page (if available) and find the proper link.

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