OlimpBase Help

0.2. System requirements

OlimpBase should not cause browser problems in most cases. Please contact us if you notice any errors.

  • OlimpBase is platform independent. It should run well on Windows as on Linux or Unix.
  • For best display please use 1024x768 resolution or more. For 800x600 it is still functional but needs some scrolling. OlimpBase uses "pt" font size which is scalable according to your display preferences.
  • OlimpBase has been tested thoroughly for use with Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Opera. For other browsers it should also work fine. Little discrepancies might occur because of different HTML parsing algorithms used by different browsers.
  • You should turn JavaScript ON in order to make best use of OlimpBase. If you don't know what JavaScript is then don't worry, you have it installed. Although it is more than certain that your browser supports JavaScript (unless you use really very obsolete one) some people may want to keep JavaScript off (because they believe this increases security). If you turned JavaScript off and do not want it to be turned on then you may still access all of OlimpBase archives, but you must use our Site Map Site map written in plain HTML to do this.

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