Women's European Club Cup history

Women's European Club CupFollowing unquestioned popularity of the men's Club Cup ECU decided that women should have their own championship which came into being in 1996. The system adopted was that known from men's cup: some preliminary knock-out groups followed by the knock-out final. In 1999, one year prior to men's competition, the Swiss system was introduced. The women's competition is played in the same place as the men's event starting from 2003. Women's matches are played on just four boards, with a size of any team being limited to six ladies.

The event faces severe difficulties in its efforts to increase the number of participating teams. The average swings around the number of 12 teams, with the maximum occupation of 18 teams reached in 2007 and 2008. Partly it is due to lack of women team championships in many European countries. Quite few teams have enough female players at their disposal to compose any decent team. The event has been generally dominated by Eastern European and ex-Soviet nations and the only exception is the cosmopolitan team Monaco.

The winner list 1996-2013:

Clubs: 5x CE de Monte Carlo, 3x Agrouniverzal Belgrade, 2x NTN Tbilisi, 1x Merani Tbilisi, 1x Goša Smederevska Palanka, 1x AEM-Luxten Timişoara, 1x Ludmila Rudenko School Kherson, 1x BAS Belgrade, 1x Internet CG Podgorica, 1x Mika Yerevan, 1x Spartak Vidnoe, 1x AVS Krasnoturinsk

Nations: 6x Yugoslavia, 5x Monaco, 3x Georgia, 2x Russia, 1x Romania, 1x Ukraine, 1x Armenia