What is OlimpBase?

What is OlimpBase?OlimpBase was designed to provide most complete online coverage of international chess team (either nations or club) events. This includes all kinds of official FIDE team events (like the Olympiads, World & Continental Team Championships, Club events and more - see FIDE handbook for details), as well as historical events that have once been abandoned (including legendary Student Olympiads) and other. Also, historical lists of national chess team champions of many world countries are being completed.

OlimpBase is focused on providing most complete statistical coverage for international team chess events. All available scores and games are at your disposal, just one or two clicks away from here. The overall statistics for most important events are also available. The data come along with abundance of extra information on dates, venues, referees, regulations, reviews, individual prizes, most notable games and many more.

OlimpBase is fully independent project financed from private funds and has no relation neither to FIDE nor to any other third party. It is freely available for use to anyone. You are only asked to support our efforts if you realize that you are in possession of chess literature, bulletins, information or anything else that might help to add missing data to OlimpBase. OlimpBase has expanded system of omnipresent support-us files that come along with every event, so you will always be aware of what is yet to be done. Join the community of ca. 150 chess lovers whose work and dedication lead to spectacular growth of OlimpBase archives.

You may want to ask whether OlimpBase has a twin site dedicated to individual events. I am sorry - no, and it is NOT in my plans to build that one on my own, unless I get well paid for that. Working on team events is time demanding task in itself. I believe I have contributed enough to the worldwide chess community with OlimpBase.

If you like to start your OlimpBase voyage right now, you should choose the event that you want to get familiar with from the menu on the left. Have you never been at olimpbase.org so far, you are recommended to read our FAQ, help and trips & tricks sections first.