FIDE patronage over team events

FIDEFIDE patronage over chess team events dates back to 1927, when then premier Tournament of Nations (now referred to as the First Chess Olympiad) took part in London. Over the years, as the chess world kept growing, the number of international team competitions increased. There are numerous events organized by internationally recognized chess organizations (mainly continental & regional associations). Nowadays, according to the FIDE handbook, the following events are recognized to be official FIDE events:

  • the Chess Olympiads (open and women's section)
  • the World Team Championship (open section only)
  • the Continental Team Championships (European, Asian, Panamerican, African)
  • the European Club Cup (open and women's section)
  • the Asian Cities (open section only) and the World Cities (suspended)
  • the Junior U20 World Team Championship (suspended)
  • the Children's U16 Olympiads.

Apart from the above a number of local competitions is being organised by FIDE-dependent regional associations. Here's the listing of most important of them:

Last but not least, there is wide choice of FIDE-affiliated organizations, like associations of computer, correspondence or handicapped chess: