Writings Corner

doc  Lipstick over the board - Women at the men's Olympiads 1950-2012
by Wojciech Bartelski [August 2013]

doc  Four unknown international matches China-USSR (1958-1965)
by James Tan [May 2009]

doc  The Beginnings of Over-The-Board Team Match Play
by Robert John McCrary [May 2009]

doc  Lenzerheide 1956: Paoli-Schmid, a fantastic draw
by www.olimpbase.org [January 2009]

doc  The Kiddies' play New Year 2009 puzzle
by Wojciech Bartelski [January 2009]

doc  Matzers world - collection of ultimately bad grandmasters' games
by www.olimpbase.org [March 2008]

doc  A true story: Nigerian master fights for 1998 Olympiad Medal
- by Daaim Shabazz [March 2008]

doc  2007 Veteran Match: USSR-Yugoslavia
by www.olimpbase.org [November 2007]

doc  Interview with Wojciech Bartelski from Chess Today 1845
by GM Mikhail Golubiev [May 2006]

doc  Should handicapped teams play at the Olympiads? - reader's comments
by www.olimpbase.org [February 2006]

doc  How Lawrence Day beat himself
by David Cohen [February 2006]

doc  Psychology of lightning chess
by Wojciech Bartelski [September 2003]