20th Asian Cities Chess Campionship: Bhubaneswar 2017

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Basic data

20th Asian Cities Chess Campionship - Dubai Cup
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Dates: 26th August - 2nd September 2017
City: Bhubaneswar, India
Venue: Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology
Tournament Director: K. K. Sarma (IND)
Chief Arbiter: IA Mahdi Abdulrahim (UAE)
Teams participating: 12 from 8 countries
Players participating: 59 (incl. 7 IMs, 1 WGM, 8 FMs and 2 CMs)
Games played: 216
Competition format: Four board nine round Swiss.
Final order decided by: 1. Match points; 2. Game points
Time control: 90 minutes per game + 30 sec. per move
Website: Report at fide.com
Downloadable game file: 17asiancities.zip

Tournament review


Best board results

1st Board
no. name flag code ELOp
1. Tahbaz, Arash Iran RSHT 2508
2. IM Swayams Mishra India BBNW 2359
3. Looi Xin Hao Malaysia PNNG 2124

2nd Board
no. name flag code ELOp
1. FM Rakesh, Kumar Jena India BBNW 2331
2. IM Sultan, Ibrahim United Arab Emirates DBAI 2207
3. FM Wong Yinn Long Malaysia PNNG 2206

3rd Board
no. name flag code ELOp
1. Faghirnavaz, Ali Iran RSHT 2241
2. Ranjan Sahoo, Utkal India BBNW 2225
3. FM Aminul, Islam Kh. Bangladesh DHKA 2152

4th Board
no. name flag code ELOp
1. FM Sadeh, Shahin Iran RSHT 2243
2. Nayak, Rajesh India PURI 2156
3. CM Tan Jun Ying Malaysia PNNG 2089

1st Reserve Board
no. name flag code ELOp
1. IM Soozankar, Amir Iran RSHT 2353
2. FM Taibur, Rahman Bangladesh DHKA 2148
3. WGM Kiran, Monisha Mohanty India BBNW 2043

Interesting games