1st FIDE Zone 4.3 Team Chess Championship: Maputo 2008

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Basic data

1st FIDE Zone 4.3 Team Chess Championship
(see all-time tournament summary)
Date: 14th - 19th July 2008
City: Maputo, Mozambique
Venue: Joaquim Chissano Place
Tournament Director: Mr. Leonel Andrade (MOZ)
Organizing Secretary: Mr. Custódio Vicente (MOZ)
Teams participating: 5
Players participating: 25 (incl. 3 IMs and 3 FMs)
Games played: 80
Competition format: Four board double round robin.
Final order decided by: 1. Game points; 2. Berger; 3. Match points
Time control: 40 moves in 90 minutes, then 30 minutes for the rest of the game, 30 sec. increment after each move
Interesting websites: allAfrica.com report
Official FIDE announcement
Captains log by Advocate Lyndon Bouah (all 11 parts)
Downloadable game file: 08zone43tch.zip

Tournament review

Even though there hasn't been any African team championship for more than decade the board of Mozambican Chess Federation decided to run the premier edition of FIDE Zone 4.3 team championship. The Zone 4.3 consists of 12 federation of Southern African countries (see map for details). The event was planned as seven round Swiss, but since only five member federations filed for entering the event the system was double round robin.

With South Africa and Angola being the strongest sides we saw the absolute newcomers Burundi coming to Maputo. The event, as major pre-Olympiad test, was treated seriously, so the line-ups were relatively strong with 3 IMs and FMs on board. As South Africa wiped out Botswana with clear 4-nil and drew with Angola they took halfway lead two points ahead of the Angolans who dropped one point vs Burundi, probably the biggest chess success this country ever achieved. As Angola barely drew revenge match v Botswana in round 7, RSA's advantage grew up to 4 points with only three matches to play. With last round to go Angola were 2½ points behing and yet to face the leaders, so they needed 3½-½ win to go into the lead. Actually, they won 3-1, only to lose the title by the sole half of a point, but frankly speaking in the course of the match they at no point looked anyway close to reaching their goal whatsoever. Botswana clinched bronze after good finish while Burundi left at miserable 1/20 - perhaps the game win was a consolation for them [unfortunately this game is missing from our archives, what a pity].

* * *

Team South Africa have won Zone 4.3 Team Championships which were held in Mozambique from the 14th - 18th July. South Africa won by half a point ahead of Angola, and three and a half point ahead of Botswana. Advocate Lyndon Bouah, who was the team manager for South Africa takes us through their journey to GOLD!!

I reminded the players before we started that today was Madiba’s birthday. We needed to win this event so that we as chess players in South Africa can honour Africa’s greatest son. Secure in the knowledge that we will now be doing battle for the Zone 4.3 honours we proceeded to the hall.

On board one David showed his experience when he proceeded to use his long international chess career to slow the game as was required. We only needed one point to secure victory so any two draws or one win would do for this captain! His final position deserves a diagram! He remarked that when a captain needs a draw he will oblige!

For our younger audience who does not know International Master David Gluckman, I can vouch for the fact that he is an absolute gentleman and a supreme team player. He has played chess for SA since 1992 when he played against Argentina on the 7th of June at the 1992 Philippines Olympiad. At this stage I think only IM Kenny Solomon has more caps for South Africa.

On board two Nicholas was up against Catarino Domingos. Domingos is a friendly Angolan who speaks fluent English. We chatted on many occasions. He lost against Burundi which gave Burundi their first international point. Today he was a tough nut to crack and when Nicholas overlooked a pin it was over! Bd5 was a killer blow. We were now in danger as Angola had their first victory in the match.

On board three Johan and Eduardo were levelling things out. Pieces and pawns were exchanged and although Johan had a time advantage the time increment allowed a draw to be the honourable result. The draw thus ensured that SA obtained their first Zone 4.3 title.

On board four a battle royal was raging. Kgaugelo was in a tight spot after the opening when he was unable to castle. He however sacrificed his queen for two rooks and was going for victory. As captain I indicated he could draw at any stage as victory was secured. He however went for gold and lost in the ensuing complications. Kgaugelo played well and made a good debut for SA.

For this intrepid reporter I thoroughly enjoyed the mission. Many new friends were made. This was also the first time a SA chess team has won a title on the continent of Africa. Well done guys. You have done SA proud.

To Mr. Pedro Chambule and the Mozambican Chess Federation, South Africa thanks you for all the hard work you have done in making this event possible. We enjoyed Maputo and your warm hospitality. To Mr. Eddie Price thank you for your insights and may we emulate your longevity in international chess!

On the final Friday the players were disappointed when Mr. Chambule informed us that we were going to a new restaurant. We reluctantly agreed to go the Escorpio. The Escorpio is a superb restaurant with superlative ambience and great food. Thanks Pedro.

Long Live the Protea Chess players and the Champions of Zone 4.3! I christen them Amamovemove! The team dedicated their victory to Mr. Nelson Mandela who turned 90 on the day of our victory.

/ written by adv. Lyndon Bouah /

Best board results

1st Board
no. name code pts gms %
1. Oatlhotse, Providence BOT 6 8 75.0
2. IM Gluckman, David RSA 4 6 66.7
3. IM Adérito, Pedro ANG 7 64.3

2nd Board
no. name code pts gms %
1. Domingos, Catarino ANG 5 7 71.4
2. Njobvu, Ignatius BOT 7 64.3
3. FM Van der Nat, Nicholas RSA 4 7 57.1

3rd Board
no. name code pts gms %
1. Steenkamp, Johan RSA 7 78.6
2. Pascoal, Eduardo ANG 6 75.0
3. FM Khetho, Phemelo BOT 4 7 57.1

4th Board
no. name code pts gms %
1. Klaasen, Calvin RSA 6 91.7
2. IM Agnelio, Amorin ANG 7 78.6
3. Maia, Mariano MOZ 8 43.8

Reserve Board
no. name code pts gms %
1. Gaealafshwe, Barileng BOT 5 90.0
2. Mosetlhe, Kgaugelo RSA 6 75.0
3. Simões, João ANG 5 70.0

Interesting games

Hey, you cannot win Alekhine with Black without building pressure on Kingside!
Adérito, Pedro (ANG) - Gluckman, David (RSA) 1 - 0

To make a gaffe like this should NOT happen to the 2350 player!
Oatlhotse, Providence (BOT) - Adérito, Pedro (ANG) 1 - 0