1st GCC Team Chess Championship: Kuwait 2005

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Basic data

1st Gulf Cooperation Council Team Championship
Date: 3rd - 10th December 2005
City: Kuwait city
Venue: N/A
Tournament Director: Mr. Hassan Ramadan Juma (KUW)
Chief Arbiter: IA Shaker Al-Afoo (BRN)
Teams participating: 4
Players participating: 23 (including 2 GMs, 3 IMs and 4 FMs)
Games played: 48
Game system: Four board double round robin.
Tie-breaks: 1. Game points
Time control: 90 minutes per game + 30 sec. increment per move
Official poster: Kuwait 2005
Website: http://www.gcc.alafoo.com
Downloadable game file: 05gcc.zip

Tournament review

Al-Ghasra vs. Al-TamimiOf six GCC member nations eligible to participate in the premier edition of the GCC Cup only Oman and Saudi Arabia were missing. Kuwait were the hosts fielding a full-size team, although they never appeared at the Olympiads so far (sic!). Obviously only UAE and Qatar might have been hoping to win the tournament. Both teams were led by experienced GMs (Moussa T. and Al-Modiakhi respectively). UAE's hopes dispelled on day two as they sensationally lost to Bahrain. On day three they additionally lost to Qatar 3-1. Standings in the halfway: Qatar 11, Bahrain 6½, UAE 6, Kuwait ½.

Qatar won with huge advantage over the rest scoring 22½/24. Playing with no reserves they won 21 games and drew three (no loss!). UAE beat Bahrain 3-1 in penultimate round to take second position. Ambitious Kuwaiti players failed to win a single game and came last. Best result: Al-Tamini (Qatar) at board #4 (6/6).

Best board results

bd name code pts gms %
1. GM Al-Modiahki, Mohamad QAT 6 91.7
2. IM Al-Sayed, Mohamad Naser QAT 6 91.7
3. IM Nezad, Husein Aziz QAT 6 91.7
4. Al-Tamimi, Hamad QAT 6 6 100.0
1r. Al-Ghasra, Ali BRN 3 5 60.0
2r. None.

Interesting games

That is what we call the nerves of steel!
Al-Modiahki, Mohamad (QAT) - Moussa, Taleb (UAE) 1 - 0

Some consolation for the host team: a good draw vs a GM.
Al-Hamlan, Faisal (KUW) - Moussa, Taleb (UAE) ½ - ½