53rd Yugoslav Team Chess Championship: Herceg Novi 2001

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Basic data

53rd Yugoslav Team Chess Championship
(see all-time tournament summary)
Dates: 14th - 29th May 2001
City: Herceg Novi, Montenegro, FR Yugoslavia
Tournament Director:
Chief Arbiter:
Teams participating: 11
Top 9 from 2000 Yugoslav league
Promoted: Mimoza Tivat, ŽTP, Užička banka
Note! JAT Belgrade did not arrive.
Players participating: 84 (incl. 38 GMs, 25 IMs and 9 FMs)

Note! There was one foreign player allowed per team. Based on seeding numbers, six foreigners were assignet to board #1 and six to board #2.
This was necessary to minimize number of games played between foreign players.
So, in some matches, board order was deliberately switched to assure that no foreigners play each other.
Games played: Group stage: 330
Play-offs: 48
Competition format: Group stage: Six board round robin. Top four qualify to the play-offs. Bottom three relegated to the second league.
Play-offs: double match elimination
Final order decided by: Group stage: 1. Game points; 2. Match points
Play-offs: team to finish higher in the group stage wins in case of a 6-6 draw
Time control:
Website: http://chess.vrsac.com/Aktuelno/1liga2001m.asp (cached)
Downloadable game file: 01yugoslavia.zip

Tournament review

In one of the strongest and most balanced chess leagues in the world, seven teams fought on an equal footing until the very end of the championship to enter the desired play-offs for the first four places. The safest game was shown by the chess players of Stočar Banka, the only one to stay undefeated in the group stage of the competition. Most of the time the team of Novi Sad was in the lead, and in the finish, with a great victory of 5:1 over Užice banka in the penultimate round, last year's winners Beko came out on top of the tournament table. In the penultimate round, Milicionar, led by the Yugoslav chess legend Svetozar Gligorić, defeated the team of Agrouniversal with a score of 4:2 and thus ended the last hopes of the latter, who played very erratically throughout the tournament.

The disappointments of the championship were the teams of Montenegrobanka and Radonja Bojović. Good positions for entering the playoffs were wasted by Podgorica in an unfortunate match with Užice banka, which they lost minimally, while Nikšić bid farewell to the playoffs after losing to direct rivals NŠK SZ Rafinerija in the last round. The most pleasant surprise of the tournament was Mimoza Tivat, which played evenly, keeping balance against much stronger teams, and in the third round they even beat theoretically stronger team of Montenegrobanka. The best board results were: on the first board Zbynek Hracek 6½/10, on the second Alexei Alexandrov 7½/10, on the third Boško Abramović 6½/10, on the fourth Dušan Rajković 6½/10, on the fifth Goran M. Todorović 7/10, on the sixth board Dragan Paunović 7/10 and the best reserve was Veljko Jeremić 7/9.

In the battle for avoiding the relegation, ŽTP Belgrade were significantly more successful than Užice, so in addition to JAT, who did not arrive, Užička banka also left the first league.

Best board results

1st Board
no. name flag code pts gms %
1. GM Hráček, Zbyněk Czech Republic BDPD 10 65.0
2. GM Beliavsky, Alexander Slovenia AGZE 6 9 66.7
3. GM Nevednichy, Vladislav Romania NVSA 6 10 60.0

2nd Board
no. name flag code pts gms %
1. GM Alexandrov, Alexei Belarus BORC 10 75.0
2. GM Tregubov, Pavel Russia MIMT 7 10 70.0
2. GM Zviagintsev, Vadim Russia ANBL 7 10 70.0

3rd Board
no. name flag code pts gms %
1. GM Abramović, Boško Yugoslavia RBNI 10 65.0
2. GM Kosić, Dragan Yugoslavia BDPD 10 55.0
2. GM Kovačević, Aleksandar Yugoslavia NVSA 10 55.0
2. GM Ivanišević, Ivan Yugoslavia BEBG 10 55.0

4th Board
no. name flag code pts gms %
1. GM Rajković, Dušan Yugoslavia BORC 10 65.0
2. IM Marković, Ivan Yugoslavia BEBG 6 8 75.0
3. GM Pavlović, Miloš Yugoslavia AGZE 6 10 60.0
3. GM Striković, Aleksa Yugoslavia BDPD 6 10 60.0
3. GM Popović, Petar Yugoslavia NVSA 6 10 60.0

5th Board
no. name flag code pts gms %
1. GM Todorović, Goran M. Yugoslavia AGZE 7 10 70.0
2. IM Đukić, Željko Yugoslavia ZTPB 10 55.0
3. IM Kalezić, Blažo Yugoslavia BDPD 5 10 50.0
3. IM Pikula, Dejan Yugoslavia BEBG 5 10 50.0

6th Board
no. name flag code pts gms %
1. IM Paunović, Dragan Yugoslavia BORC 7 10 70.0
2. GM Lazić, Miroljub Yugoslavia NVSA 10 65.0
3. IM Arsović, Goran Yugoslavia BEBG 5 7 71.4

Reserve Board
no. name flag code pts gms %
1. Jeremić, Veljko Yugoslavia ANBL 7 9 77.8
2. IM Laketić, Gojko Yugoslavia PTBE 10 65.0
3. Pavlović, Dejan Yugoslavia UBUZ 5 10 50.0