1st World Cities Chess Campionship: Jakarta 1997

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Basic data

Gunadarma Invitational World Cities Chess Championship
Date: 8th - 14th July 1997
City: Jakarta, Indonesia
Venue: The Sentral Hotel
Tournament Director: Mr. Ignatius Leong (SIN)
Chief Arbiter: N/A
Teams participating: 30 from 14 countries
Players participating: 148 (incl. 17 GMs, 17 IMs, 7 FMs, 3 WIMs and 2 WFMs)
Games played: 596
Competition format: Four board ten round Swiss.
Final order decided by: 1. Game points; 2. Buchholz
Time control: N/A
Downloadable game file: 97worldc.zip

Tournament review

July 8th

The inaugural Invitational World Cities Chess Championship opened to much fanfare at the Sentral Hotel today, drawing 30 teams from 13 countries. The more than 200 players and officials included 17 grandmasters, 16 international masters and three women IMs. The 10-round Swiss ends on July 14.

At the opening ceremony, Mr Akbar Tandjung, the President of Percasi, the Indonesian Chess Federation, said he was proud and honoured that Jakarta was host to so many participating in this unique event and hoped that long after the spotlight has passed, the experience gained from organising this event would enable Indonesia to organize even more and better large international tournaments, so that the Gunadarma Invitational World Cities Chess Championship will be more than just a memorable event, but a real boost to chess development in Indonesia and the world.

Mr Ignatius Leong, Events Manager of INTCHESS ASIA, which is managing the event on behalf of sponsor and organiserGunadarma University, read out congratulatory messages from World Champions Anatoly Karpov and Garry Kasparov. Mr Karpov said the event shows what men of vision and purpose can achieve even today, when there are already many chess events to choose from. "In the 1920s, the legendary Capablanca feared that chess would be played out but was proved wrong by developments in chess theory and practice; today, the chess scene is fresh again with new events such as the World Cities, driven by people with the daring to do," he added. Mr Kasparov said: "As the Chess world heads in the millennium, I am pleased to note that in part, thanks to the synergy of Chess with the Internet, the game is flourishing worldwide and with a much broader base than before. With so many teams from so many cities featuring some very strong players and Grandmasters, I wish I could be there and I wish the event every success."

To much applause, Mr Leong announced that the next Invitational World Cities will be held in Singapore next year.

Professor Yuhara Sukra, director of Gunadarma University, said the university supports chess as it has always seen the development of chess as an integral part of its education and community service mission. He thanked Percasi for officially sanctioning this event and helping to meet the administrative and regulatory requirements to enable so many players and other participants from so many countries to come to it. He also thanked INTCHESS ASIA for the honour of having the Challenge Trophy instituted in Gunadarma University's name.

After the first round, the leading scorers are: Oslo, Ho Chi Minh, Mandaluyung, Depok Beji, Jakarta A, Jakarta BNI and Depok Kelapa Dua (4); and Moscow, Donetsk and Bandung (3½).

*     *     *

July 9th

Day 2 of the Gunadarma Invitational World Cities Chess Championship ended today with three teams sharing the lead, Oslo, Ho Chi Minh City and Depok Margonda each with 9 points (maximum 12) from three rounds.

In the top-of-the-table clash, Ho Chi Minh beat Jakarta BNI 2½-1½, while Oslo played catch-up by overhauling Sydney 3-1 and Depok Margonda whitewashed Bontang 4-0. Donetsk edged out Mandaluyung 2½-1½ to post 8½ points, a score equalled by Moscow, which beat Depok Kelapa Dua 3½-½. Mandaluyung and Depok Beji ended the day at 8 points each. Bandung beat Taskent 2½-1½ in a thrilling match that had some spectators standing on chairs for a better view of the closing moments on some boards.

In the 2nd Round played earlier today, Ho Chi Minh City beat Jakarta A and Mandayulung beat Moscow, each by the scoreline of 2½-1½. Oslo was held 2-2 by Depok Beji, while Donetsk tamed Bandung 2½-1½. Sydney beat Ambon 3½-½.

*     *     *

July 10th

Donetsk, a team from Ukraine, seized the sole lead at the end of Day 3 of the Gunadarma Invitational World Cities Chess Championship ended today. The team ended Round 5 with the score of 15 points after inflicting on erstwhile joint leaders Oslo a 3-1 defeat.

Moscow, 3-1 winners over Bandung, is half a point behind the leaders. Others near the top of the score table are: Madaluyung (the Philippines), 14; Oslo (Norway) and Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam), 13; and Tashkent (Uzbekistan) and Jakarta A, 12½.

Near the bottom of the table, Goh Wei Ming, a teenage schoolboy on the Singapore team Sentosa stunned Hongkong's WFM Ho Yin Ping by winning on time. When WFM Ho's flag dropped, Goh still had all of 39 minutes remaining on his clock. Goh's win helped boost Sentosa to a 3½-½ win over Hongkong and its score to 9 points.

In Round 6, the top match will pitch Donestsk against Moscow.

In the 4th Round earlier today, Oslo beat Depok Margonda 3-1. Moscow humbled Ho Chi Minh City by the same scoreline. Donetsk downed Jakarta BNI 3½-½.

*     *     *

July 11th

Today Donetsk of Ukraine widened its lead over the field to 1 point after posting a quick 2-2 draw with Tashkent (all four games were drawn) in the 7th Round. In the 6th Round encounter with Moscow earlier today, Donetsk won 3½-1½. Donetsk now has 19½ points. Moscow and Oslo are its nearest rivals, with 18½ points each. Other leading scorers: Tashkent and Bandung, 17½ points each; and Yangon 17.

In the 8th Round, to be played on July 13, Donetsk will play Yangon.

Other 6th Round results: Madaluyung (The Philippines)-Oslo 0-4; Tashkent-Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam) 3-1; Bandung-Jakarta A 4-0; and Jakarta BNI-Depok Margonda 1-3.

Tomorrow is a rest day.

*     *     *

July 13th

Donetsk of Ukraine took a commanding lead of 2½ points over the field today, the last but one day of the championship. Donetsk's score stands at 27, with its closest rival Moscow having 24½ points. In the 9th Round, Donetsk blanked out Depok Margonda 4-0, while Moscow beat Sydney 3½-½. Other top-of-the-table results: Oslo-Tashkent ½-3½; Bandung-Ho Chi Minh City 2-2; and Depok Kelapa Dua-Yangon 1½-2½. Apart from Donetsk and Moscow, the other leading scorers are Tashkent 22½ points, Bandung 22, Ho Chi Minh City 21 and Oslo 2½.

In the 10th and final round tomorrow, Donetsk will play Ho Chi Minh City and Moscow will meet Depok Beji.

Earlier today, in the 8th Round, the leading encounters were settled as follows: Yangon-Donetsk ½-3½; Tashkent-Moscow 1½-2½; Bandung-Oslo 2½-1½; and Madaluyung-Depok Margonda 1½-2½.

*     *     *

July 14th

Donetsk won the Gunadarma Invitational World Cities Chess Championship today.

In the 10th and final round, the Ukrainian team took a 2-2 draw with Ho Chi Minh City to increase its score to 29 and outdistance its closest rival, Moscow, by 1 point to clinch top spot in the field of 30 teams from 14 countries. Moscow beat Depok Beji 3½-½ to take second place with 28 points. Tashkent came third with 24½ points after tying 2-2 with Mandaluyung. Oslo and Bandung tie for 4th place with 23½ points each. Oslo had beaten Medan 3-1 and Bandung had lost 2½-1½ to Yangon.

The 6th-11th placings are: 6th Ho Chi Minh City (23); 7th Yangon (22½); 8th Mandaluyung (22); 9th-11th Jakarta BNI, Sydney and Palu Intan (21½).

The next World Cities will be held in Singapore next year.

Best board results

1st Board
no. name flag code pts gms %
1. GM Rogers, Ian SIDN 10 75.0
2. Majella, Yoseph DKEL 10 75.0
3. FM Hafizulhelmi, Mas KLUM 7 10 70.0

2nd Board
no. name flag code pts gms %
1. GM Savchenko, Stanyslav DNCK 8 10 80.0
2. GM Tiviakov, Sergei MOSC 10 75.0
3. Soamole, Sofyan AMBO 10 75.0

3rd Board
no. name flag code pts gms %
1. GM Dolmatov, Sergei MOSC 8 10 80.0
2. GM Shneider, Alexander DNCK 10 65.0
3. IM Østenstad, Berge OSLO 10 65.0
3. Datu, Idelfonso MLNG 10 65.0
3. Từ Hoàng Thái HCHM 10 65.0
3. IM Barus, Cerdas DMAR 10 65.0

4th Board
no. name flag code pts gms %
1. GM Timoshenko, Grigory DNCK 10 80.0
2. FM Wahono, Awam BAND 10 80.0
3. Aye Lwin MDLY 8 10 80.0

1st Reserve Board
no. name flag code pts gms %
1. Gatoto, Suyono YOGY 5 80.0
2. Leong, Ignatius STMK 4 5 80.0
3. IM Kaiumov, Dmitry TASH 6 75.0

2nd Reserve Board
no. name flag code pts gms %
1. Marentek, Hanny AMBO 10 65.0
2. Lumentut, Fabian PLIT 5 8 62½
3. Chairul STMK 3 6 50.0
3. Imasniti JENR 7 50.0