7th World Youth U26 Team Chess Championship: San Juan 1987

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Basic data

7th World Youth U26 Team Championship
(see all-time tournament summary)
Date: 6th - 22nd July 1987
City: San Juan, Puerto Rico
Teams participating: 11
Players participating: N/A
Games played: 220
Competition format: Four board round robin
Final order decided by: 1. Game points
Time control: N/A
Other documents: Dutch participation in WC 1987 (.doc file)
Downloadable game file: 87wtch-u26.zip (only 11 games are available!)

Final standings

no. team code flag players;
1. Netherlands NED Netherlands 31 Rini Kuijf 7/8, Rudy Douven 6½/9, Frans Cuijpers 7/8, Friso Nijboer 6½/8, Fitzgerald Krudde 4/7
2. Argentina ARG Argentina 30½ FM Hoffman 6/9, FM Slipak 6½/8, Schwanek 4/7, IM Garbarino 7½/9, Contín 6½/7
3. Colombia COL Colombia 29½
4. Paraguay PAR Paraguay 27
5. Mexico MEX Mexico 24
6. Costa Rica CRC Costa Rica 19 Eugenio Chinchilla, Francis Maynard, Manuel Murillo (6½/9), Carlos Granados, Marco Antonio Zumbado
7. Honduras HON Honduras 14½
8. Puerto Rico PUR Puerto Rico 14
9. Venezuela VEN Venezuela 12
10. Barbados BAR Barbados 11½
11. Ecuador ECU Ecuador 7


Tournament review

Two Championships took place in Puerto Rico year by year. As in 1986 only 11 teams took part. There were 10 Latin American teams and one European side (Holland with two IMs at top boards). The Netherlands, Argentina and surprise Colombia vied for a win which went to the Dutch. Contín of Argentina achieved best individual result scoring 6½/7.

Interesting games

That's one of major commandments for White in this opening:
let your Queenside attack be quick and valiant.
Austin, Dirk (BAR) - Schwanek, Carlos (ARG) 0 - 1

The centre breakthrough came far too late...
Martínez, Íbrahim (MEX) - Gonzáles, Sergio (COL) 1 - 0