10th Allied Armies Chess Championship: Sofia 1984

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Basic data

10th Allied Armies Chess Championship (4th team event)
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Date: 12th - 20th October 1984
City: Sofia, Bulgaria
Venue: N/A
Tournament Director: N/A
Chief Arbiter: N/A
Teams participating: 5
Players participating: 25 (incl. 4 GMs and 8 IMs)
Games played: 40
Competition format:: Four board round robin
Final order decided by: 1. Game points; 2. Match points
Downloadable game file: 84armies.zip

Final results

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no. team code 1 2 3 4 5 + = -
1. Soviet Union URS 3 4 13 4 0 0
2. Hungary HUN 3 4 12 3 0 1
3. Poland POL 1 ½ 2 0 2
4. Bulgaria BUL ½ 1 1 0 3
5. Cuba CUB 0 0 ½ 2 0 0 4


URS: GM Yusupov, GM Dolmatov, IM Chekhov, IM Sturua, IM Klovans
HUN: GM Sax, GM Pintér, IM Hazai, IM Liptay, FM Ozsváth
POL: IM Adamski, Sygulski, Łokasto, Andrzejewski, Matkowski
BUL: GM Inkiov, GM Toshkov, IM Radev, IM Stefanov, Krezhov
CUB: Díaz, Conceptión, Espinoza, Faio, IM Hernández

Tournament review

It took almost a decade for the event to be revived. Five army teams came to Sofia to compete in the 4th Team Allied Armies Cup. The line-ups were exceptionally strong, including GMs Yusupov, Dolmatov, Sax, Pintér and Inkiov. The Soviet Union, Hungary and Bulgaria were almost certain to take top three positions.

As expected, the Red Army team won with a huge advantage over the rest. They conceded only one game loss as Dolmatove blundered a piece vs Pole Sygulski under time pressure. Hungary came in second place putting up tough resistance and losing to the Soviets by 2½-1½. Poland came third as Łokasto was fortunate to extricate from a lost last round ending vs Hazai and the Poles, tied on points with Bulgaria, had better match point record than the Bulgarians. Cuba were by far the weakest team.

The Soviets took medals for best individual results at top four boards.

Best board results

bd name code pts gms %
1. GM Yusupov, Artur URS 4 87.5
2. GM Dolmatov, Sergei URS 3 4 75.0
3. IM Chekhov, Valery URS 3 4 75.0
4. IM Sturua, Zurab URS 4 87.5

Interesting games

Three passed pawns emerged after just 22 moves, which is sort of a record.
Chekhov, Valery (URS) - Łokasto, Anatol (POL) 1 - 0

Who of you would castle on White's 11th move?
Yusupov, Artur (URS) - Inkiov, Ventzislav (BUL) 1 - 0