2nd Telechess Olympiad: 1981/1982

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Basic data

2nd Telechess Olympiad
(see all-time tournament summary)
Dates: mid 1981 - December 1982
City: played by telex and the phone
Managed by: ICCF
Chief Arbiter: N/A
Teams participating: 11
Players participating: 119 (incl. 27 GMs, 27 IMs, 2 WGMs, 10 FMs and 2 WIMs)
Games played: 80
Competition format: Eight board knock-out.
Final order decided by: 1. Board count; 2. Elimination rule (how it works?)
Time control: 50 moves in 2 hours
Downloadable game file: 82telex.zip

Tournament review

The second World Telechess Olympiad brought 11 strong teams and there were few surprises on the early stage of the tournament as top four seeds qualified to the semifinals. In early 1982 England lost to the Soviet Union, even though Miles beat Balashov on top board while while East Germany took second straight final defeating Sweden. The Soviets once again took the trophy beating East Germany on tie-break.

Interesting games