3rd Asian Team Chess Championship: Singapore 1979

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Basic data

3rd Asian Team Chess Championship
(see all-time tournament summary)
Date: 27th November - 3rd December 1979
City: Singapore city
Venue: N/A
Tournament Director: N/A
Chief Arbiter: IA Fang Ewe Churh (MAS)
Teams participating: 16 (incl. Singapore "B")
Players participating: 88 (incl. 1 GM and 3 IMs)
Games played: 288 (32 games were carried over to the final phase)
Competition format: Two stage four board round robin.
Top two teams from each of four preliminary groups composed the championship final group and the preliminary results were carried over to the finals.
Final order decided by: 1. Game points; 2. Match points
Time control: 40 moves in 2 hours and 30 minutes, then 30 minutes for the rest of the game
Downloadable game file: 79asiatch.zip (games from preliminary round 2 are missing)
Special thanks to Rob Bijpost for providing the tournament bulletin.

Tournament review

Singapore hosted the championship in 1979 after the Philippines withdrew as the host. The number of teams increased to 15 (Singapore "B" were allowed to play to make number of participating teams even) although due to cost cutting they had to pay their own board and lodging for the first time. The "sudden death" time control was to be adopted, but at the captains' meeting there was an agreement that usual FIDE rules would apply after 40 moves as well. A controversial regulation was applied: player not able to provide a complete scoresheet at the end of the games was automatically forfeited, which resulted in a few mutual forfeits in the course of the games.

The tournament was divided into two stages — preliminaries and finals, with the top two teams from each of four preliminary groups qualifying to the championship final. The following top four teams were seeded: The Philippines (2360), China (2350), Indonesia (2270) and Singapore (2250).

As there were no real upsets in the preliminary phase all of top teams went through. The Philippines beat China 3—1 on the opening day of the final stage to pave their way to gold. On the last day they could well afford a brisk 2—2 with Australia to win with a 2½ point margin. China convincingly took silver while Indonesia came third. Bangladesh won the consolation tournament. The Philippines gained the title for the third time with a formidable line-up comprising a.o. GM Torre, who took gold medal at first board, and IM Mascariñas.

Individual medals

Warning: tables do not include part of results of preliminary round 2!
Players with possibly incomplete game record are marked with an asterisk (*).

1st Board
no. name flag code fin. pts gms %
1. GM Torre, Eugenio The Philippines PHI A 6 91.7
2. Said, Naser Ahmed* United Arab Emirates UAE B 6 8 75.0
3. Handoko, Edhi* Indonesia INA A 5 7 71.4

2nd Board
no. name flag code fin. pts gms %
1. IM Mascariñas, Rico The Philippines PHI A 7 7 100.0
2. Ali, K. Bangladesh BAN B 6 91.7
3. Liu Wenzhe China CHN A 7 9 77.8

3rd Board
no. name flag code fin. pts gms %
1. Li Zunian China CHN A 9 94.4
2. Hasan, Younus Bangladesh BAN B 9 83.3
3. Gunawan, Ronny* Indonesia INA A 8 81.3

4th Board
no. name flag code fin. pts gms %
1. Leow, Edmund Singapore SIN2 B 7 8 87.5
2. Bordonada, Glenn The Philippines PHI A 6 75.0
3. IM Ardiansyah* Indonesia INA A 5 7 71.4

1st Reserve Board
no. name flag code fin. pts gms %
1. Bachtiar, Arovah* Indonesia INA A 4 87.5
2. Maninang, Jesús Rafael The Philippines PHI A 6 75.0
2. Chen De China CHN A 3 4 75.0

2nd Reserve Board
no. name flag code fin. pts gms %
1. Abdul Rahman, Ahmad* Malaysia MAS B 3 83.3
2. Yap, Andrónico The Philippines PHI A 3 4 75.0
3. Wee Kim Hin Singapore SIN2 B 2 3 66.7

Interesting games

It took mere moves to smoke black King out of the den.
Jhunjhnuwala, Krishan (HKG) - Sinprayoon, Pricha (THA) 1 - 0

It is decent piece of chess play, not common in Asia in 1970's...
Qi Jingxuan (CHN) - Torre, Eugenio (PHI) 0 - 1

Definitely the most exciting drawn game of the event.
Parakrama, Arjuna (SRI) - Handoko, Edhi (INA) ½ - ½

White's opening idea wasn't the strongest possible perhaps, still quite creative.
Puru, Bill (PNG) - Yap, Andrónico (PHI) 0 - 1

Which will prevail, activity of White's pieces or horde of black pawns?
Bachtiar, Arovah (INA) - Sa-ngadsup, Prakob (THA) 1 - 0

Shortest decisive game.
Cheah Woon Leng, Eric (MAS) - Ghubash, Mohamed (UAE) 1 - 0

The only game loss conceded by any of the Filipinos.
Li Zunian (CHN) - Rodríguez, Ruben (PHI) 1 - 0

White neatly shattered Black's defensive block.
Handoko, Edhi (INA) - Qi Jingxuan (CHN) 1 - 0