24th Yugoslav Team Chess Championship: Umag 1972

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Basic data

24th Yugoslav Team Chess Championship
(see all-time tournament summary)
Dates: 8th - 16th May 1972
City: Umag, SR Croatia, Yugoslavia
Tournament Director:
Chief Arbiter:
Teams participating: 10
The league was extended from 8 teams to 10, so no one was relegated.
Players participating: 132 (incl. 8 GMs, 15 IMs and 1 WIM)
Games played: 450
Competition format: Tem board round robin.
Final order decided by: Game points
Time control:
Downloadable game file: 72yugoslavia.zip (only 1 game is available)

Tournament review

For the first time since 1963, and only the third time in the history the First League comprised of as much as 10 clubs, a number that would stay stable until early 1990s. All teams appeared at the championship with the strongest squads. There were very few absent players. Admittedly, Gligorić was late and joined the team from the 6th round while Ljubojević missed the first match.

The previous championship was decided in the last round in the local derby between the two leading teams, when Partizan overtook its biggest rivals Crvena zvezda with a convincing victory. The last round of 1972 championship brought another duel between the same rivals, and also, like a year before, both teams led the table. This time Partizan had a one point advantage over CZ and they just needed a draw to retain the tile. But, Crvena zvezda would take over the title, had they only beat Partian, by virtue of match point count. The finish, as it turned out, was even more exciting than last year. Partizan took the lead after the victory of Matulović over Ljubojević, and then, after three draws, increased the lead, after the victory of Rakić over Šahović (who overlooked the queen in the won position!). So, at adjournment, the score was 3&fra12-1½ in favour of Partizan and by positions on the other boards, it was expected that Partizan would win by at least two points, so at that moment it seemed that Partizan are secure to defend the title. However, it wasn't quite like that, first Konarkovska-Sokolov lost her advantage and lost to Gordana Jovanović, then Cvetković beat Ostojić, and on the youth board Stefan Đurić beat Vladimir Kostić. So the score was then 5-4 in favour of Crvena zvezda, and all that was left was to finish the game between Katarina Jovanović and Milunka Lazarević. It was believed that Jovanović could not possibly lose, so Zvezda already started celebrating the title. However, Crvena zvezda's best player overlooked her piecc in a better position, and thus, after 11 hours of play, Milunka Lazarevic defeated her great rival and gave her club the championship title.

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Best board results

1st Board
bd name flag code pts gms %
=1. GM Matulović, Milan Yugoslavia PTBE 9 61.1
=1. GM Damjanović, Mato Yugoslavia MLAZ 9 61.1
2. Knežević, Milorad Yugoslavia MLZE 9 72.2
3. GM Janošević, Dragoljub Yugoslavia CZBE 6 9 66.7
4. Marangunić, Srđan Yugoslavia PTTZ 7 78.6
=5. IM Karaklajić, Nikola Yugoslavia PTBE 5 7 71.4
=5. Krnić, Zdenko Yugoslavia CZBE 5 7 71.4
6. Rakić, Tomislav Yugoslavia PTBE 7 78.6
1 wom. WIM Lazarević, Milunka Yugoslavia PTBE 9 83.3
2 wom. Serjanc, Brigita Yugoslavia NVSA 9 72.2
1 jun. Sindik, Ervin Yugoslavia PTTZ 9 83.3
2 jun. Ćosić, Marinko Yugoslavia PTTZ 9 83.3