18th Yugoslav Team Chess Championship: Vrnjačka Banja 1966

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Basic data

18th Yugoslav Team Chess Championship
(see all-time tournament summary)
Dates: 25th - 31st May 1966
City: Vrnjačka Banja, SR Serbia, Yugoslavia
Tournament Director:
Chief Arbiter:
Teams participating: 8 (Novinar Ljubljana did not arrive)
Top six from 1965 first league.
From qualification tournaments: Maribor, Mladost Sm.P.
Team ranked 7th gets right to play in the qualification tournament for 1967 league.
Team ranked 8th is relegated to its republic's championship.
Players participating: 84 (incl. 4 GM and 8 IMs)
Games played: 210
Competition format: Ten board round robin (6 men, 2 women, 2 juniors).
Final order decided by: 1. Game points; 2. Match points
Time control:
Websites: Partizanopedia.rs
Sources: Politika & JSL daily newspapers.
Milija Đorđević, Ekipni šampionati Jugoslavije u šahu 1946-1979
Note! About 30 of 210 board results are not available; they are, however, likely to be deducted by different means. Still, some board results for rounds 1 and 5 are subject to small mistakes (unlikely).
Downloadable game file: 66yugoslavia.zip (only 4 are games available)

Tournament review

Another incomplete championship, since the participation of the Novinar team was cancelled. This was one of the most exciting championships, and the champion was decided only at the very end. Before the last round, the three candidates for the title were Red Star (29), Partizan (28½) and PTT Zagreb with 27 points. Admittedly, Mladost from Zagreb was in the lead with 32½ points, but as they were free in the last round, they had no theoretical chance to win the title. PTT was therefore only third, but had a much easier job than the great Belgrade rivals, who played each other. Namely, the people of Zagreb beat the weakest team of the championship, the Sombor Chess Club, with the expected convincing 8-2, while in the "eternal" derby, Red Star defeated Partizan by a minimal score. Zvezda was only half a point behind PTT.

Partizan was drastically weakened during this championship, missing Gligorić, Matanović (they played in the tournament in Tel Aviv), Sokolov, Milunka Lazarević and Henrijeta Konarkovska Sokolov, and Mladost (Udovčić, Rabar, Marović), Zvezda (Vera Nedeljković), Maribor (Ljubomir Črepinšek)

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Best board results

bd name flag code pts gms %
1. GM Ivkov, Borislav Yugoslavia CZBE 4 6 66.7
2. IM Marić, Rudolf Yugoslavia CZBE 6 75.0
3. Grdinić, Zvonimir Yugoslavia MLAZ 5 6 83.3
4. Guzel, Leopold Yugoslavia MARI 6 75.0
5. Velimirović, Dragoljub Yugoslavia PTBE 6 91.7
6. Petrović, Slavko Yugoslavia MLAZ 6 75.0
=1 wom. Belamarić, Tanja Yugoslavia MLAZ 4 6 66.7
=1 wom. Švarcer, Herma Yugoslavia MARI 4 6 66.7
2 wom. Milivojević, Slobodanka Yugoslavia GOSP 6 75.0
1 jun. Lalović, Dragutin Yugoslavia PTTZ 6 75.0
2 jun. Vujaković, Branko Yugoslavia PTTZ 5 6 83.3