12th Clare Benedict Chess Cup: Berlin West 1965

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Basic data

12th Clare Benedict Chess Cup
(see all-time tournament summary)
Date: 4th - 8th April 1965
City: Berlin West
Venue: Schloßhotel Gehrhus Hotel
Tournament Director: Mr. Alois Nagler (SUI)
Chief Arbiter: IA Willi Fohl (GER)
Teams participating: 6
Players participating: 28 (incl. 5 GMs and 7 IMs)
Games played: 60
Competition format: Four board round robin.
Final order decided by: 1. Game points; 2. Match points
Time control: 40 moves in 2 hours 30 minutes, then each next 16 moves in 1 hour
Downloadable game file: 65cbc.zip

Tournament review

This six-land tournament become a firm trademark after all these years as it was held in Switzerland every year. However, in 1965 Mr. Nagler, the organizer of the event, decided that the tournament would be played in Germany for the first time. The responsibility went to the West Berlin chess federation who had to face an ultimate task of hold extremely high standards of organisation and hospitality granted by the Swiss side in previous years.

Unfortunately Dr. Erich Stüber, chairman of The Berlin Chess Federation, the person responsible for the organisation of the 1965 Clare Benedict Challenge Cup, died on 31 March 1965, days before the commencement of the event, after short and serious illness. The tournament took off on April 4th in the Schloßhotel Gehrhus, directed by German umpire Willi Fohl.

The tournament drew 5 GMs, three of whom represented West Germany. The Germans, playing on home soil, were hoping for their fifth consecutive win and sixth overall, which would mean they won the Challenge Trophy forever. As it happened, they won all five matches in style, winning 11 games, drawing 9, and not losing a single one. All five members of the team scored best results at respective boards. Spain, led by GM Pomar, came in second while The Netherlands came third.

The best player of the event was GM Darga, leader of German team, who scored 3½/4 at top board. At the closing ceremony Mr. Nagler granted the Clare Benedict cup to the German team forever, as they won the tournament for the sixth time. There were also many prizes and gifts handed to the participants.

The following players were the captains of respective teams: West Germany - Wolfgang Unzicker, Spain - Miguel Crues Albareda, Holland - De Graaf, England - Vic Soanes, Austria - George Schubirz, Switzerland - Erwin Nievergelt.

/ Based on report from Engelhardts Schach-Taschen-Jahrbuch 1966 /

Best board results

bd name code pts gms %
1.= GM Unzicker, Wolfgang GER 5 70.0
1.= GM Pomar Salamanca, Arturo ESP 5 70.0
2. GM Darga, Klaus GER 4 87.5
3. GM Schmid, Lothar GER 3 83.3
4. IM Pfleger, Helmut GER 3 4 75.0
r. Hecht, Hans-Joachim GER 3 4 75.0

Interesting games

Shortest decisive game.
Van den Berg, Carel (NED) - Nievergelt, Erwin (SUI) 1 - 0

Show me just one other game where Black took
decisive control over open c-file in Ruy Lopez.
Penrose, Jonathan (ENG) - Unzicker, Wolfgang (GER) 0 - 1

That wasn't much of a fight, was it? ;)
Darga, Klaus (GER) - Nievergelt, Erwin (SUI) 1 - 0

It looks so clear and powerful in Schmid's hands.
Schmid, Lothar (GER) - Lambert, Hans (AUT) 1 - 0