10th Yugoslav Team Chess Championship: Crikvenica 1957

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Basic data

10th Yugoslav Team Chess Championship
(see all-time tournament summary)
Dates: 28th November - 4th December 1957
City: Crikvenica, SR Croatia, Yugoslavia
Tournament Director:
Chief Arbiter:
Teams participating: 7
Top 6 from 1956 league (Student Skopje did not arrive)
Promoted from 1956 second league: ŠK Sarajevo, Spartak Subotica
Players participating: 82 (incl. 4 IMs and 1 WIM)
Games played: 210
Competition format: Ten board round robin.
Final order decided by: 1. Game points; 2. Match points
Time control:
Websites: Perpetual check
Downloadable game file: 57yugoslavia.zip

Tournament review

Jubilee 10th team championship of Yugoslavia was incomplete, since Student Skopje gave up the competition. As the competition was moved to almost the end of the year, a huge number of players did not like that date, so many of them were absent. All 4 of the strongest Yugoslav teams performed without almost all of their best players. Partizan did not have Gligorić, Trifunović, Matanović and Karaklajić. Mladost came without Fuderer, Udovčić, Bertok and Nikolac. Ivkov, Srećko and Verica Nedeljković, Tomović and Marković did not play for Crvena Zvezda, while Matulović, Janošević and Marić were absent from Slavia. The ŠK Sarajevo was also not complete, since there was no Kozomara, while Milan Vidmar jr left the championship halfway through the competition, so the Ljubljana Chess Club played with 9 players until the end of the championship. All together, this was by far the largest number of absences in the team championships of Yugoslavia so far.

Unlike several previous championships, where the champion was known before the last round, this time the champion was uncertain until the very end. Before the last round, namely, Mladost had half a point advantage over Partizan, and these two rivals met in the last round. The match ended in a draw, and thus the Mladost team won their first title of the champion of Yugoslavia.

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Best board results

bd name flag code pts gms %
1. Bogdanović, Rajko Yugoslavia SARA 4 6 66.7
2. Damjanović, Mato Yugoslavia MLAZ 6 91.7
3. Bulat, Ante Yugoslavia MLAZ 4 5 80.0
4. Jevtić, Milorad Yugoslavia MTLB 6 75.0
5. Božić, Aleksandar Yugoslavia PTBE 6 75.0
6. Andrić, Dragoslav Yugoslavia PTBE 5 70.0
=7. Ugrinović, Dragan Yugoslavia PTBE 4 6 66.7
=7. Vuković, Momčilo Yugoslavia MTLB 4 6 66.7
8. Šribar, Peter Yugoslavia MLAZ 6 75.0
1 wom. Štadler, Tereza Yugoslavia SPSU 6 91.7
2 wom. Ročić-Delak, Nada Yugoslavia MLAZ 6 91.7

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