18th Glorney Cup: Glasgow (SCO),
August 1965

no. team code 1 2 3 4
1. Scotland SCO 5 13
2. England ENG 5 12
3. Wales WLS
4. Ireland IRL 1 1

1965 again produced an exciting finish, not because the tournament was enlarged [for only the four home countries were competing in Glasgow], but because, for the first time when England was competing, another country won. It is hard to say whether the Scots or the English were more surprised by Scotland’s narrow victory! The tournament was not decided until after the time set for the prize giving when in the last game to finish T.C. Fox (ENG) missed a winning line against J. Glendinning (SCO) and the subsequent draw made Scotland outright winners for the first time.
It was at this tournament that the present rules were drafted and the switch to a games points winner made. Prizes for best scores in each team went to: J.L. Moles (IRL), A.J. Hughes, A.H. Williams (WLS), T.C. Fox (ENG) and F. McKenna (SCO).