OlimpBase Tips & Tricks

Some advice to make living with OlimpBase easier.

  • Team vs team data fast access
    Ever wondered if and when, say, US beat Hungary at the Olympiads? Now it is easier to find than you could have thought. Choose Team list from the menu on the right, then pick United States. Then click on the Team vs Team Record label. Find the country code, which for Hungary is HUN (see attached image). Move your mouse over the respective column (the number inside, which is 8 in this case tells the number of 2½-1½ scores in the history of USA-HUN matches). Keep the mouse still for a second. The info on years when 2½-1½ results occured will display. Incidentally, you may also learn when USA took their all-time best vs Hungary (3-1) or you may want to check when exactly all of nine drawn matches happened.
  • Team info quick access
    Ever wanted to access all-time team statistics fast while browsing an event? Nothing could be easier. You needn't open another window to check the all-time statistics. Just choose team result summary from anywhere on the event site, then click country code next to country name. That's all (see example image).
  • Context help
    Whenever you see the help symbol (See help on this topic) click on it to get immediate context-dependent help.
  • Cell titles
    Always try to move your mouse over selected cell. Some interesting info or explanation might appear.
  • To be continued...