About player & team list

Player and team listOlimpBase covers extremely wide range of different chess events. One of most common needs is to browse player's career record. OlimpBase offers a very simple and useful solution as we added all player and team profiles from all of our archives and set them up to form two generic lists, one for players and another one being a team listing.

In case a player used more than one name throughout his career we did list both. So you will find e.g. both Alexander Graf and Alexander Nenashev. If any player (or team) took part in more than one type of event the custom choice from the list was determined according to arbitrarily composed table of importance (assuming the Olympiads being most prestigious, followed by World Team Championship, continental championships, youth events etc., so if a played took part in the Olympiads and Youth Team Championship only, from the Player list you will be redirected to his Olympic scoresheet by default). Of course you can easily move between different record sheets belonging to the same player. Example: if you choose Mikhail Tal to be browsed you will first see his Olympic career record and from there you may move to another records of him, like the European Team Championship, Student Team Championship etc.

Click here for player list and here for team list.

NOTE! player list in plain HTML is ca. 600 kB big. If this is too much for you then you may want to try an alternative list, half of its size, but using JavaScript, so you may encounter problems while viewing the file: alternative player list. If you don't like profiles be displayed in a pop-up window you can get yet another version of player list and team list.