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LinksHere are some useful chess history links. If you know more valuable ones then please Only most interesting pages were included here and the filter was quite strict. For links referring directly to a particular event please find event home page and look for possible information. For list of reciprocal links please click here.

  • ChessBites - collection of +5M games plus opening explorer, puzzles, tournament details and more. By Timothy Mifsud.
  • Chess History - valuable resources by Richard Forster. Includes Edward Winter's Chess Notes. A must.
  • Chess Cafe archives - plenty of very interesting writings prepared by best authors.
  • Chess Tournament and Match History - speaks for itself. By Glenn Giffen [cached].
  • schach.wienerzeitung.at - Heinz Herzog's growing database offers full statistical coverage of many international events dating back to 1997 (or even earlier in some cases). Certainly worth a try.
    • chess-olympiad.com - is an extraction of the archives of the above database dedicated uniquely to the history of the chess Olympiads
    • Tournament search - we put this link here because it is hidden deeply and not easy to find from their home page
  • BrasilBase by Adaucto da Nóbrega offers wide choice of chess events, including team events.
  • The Chess Drum - the original Pan-African chess site with plenty of exclusive archives.
  • Chess history - part of Mark Weeks' guide to chess.
  • The Chess Trivia - the excellent concise chess encyclopaedia compiled by Bill Wall.
  • Old in Chess - the excellent source of tournament data from 1970-1975 period.
  • Historia del ajedrez en Venezuela - chess history in Venezuela by Rafael Santana.
  • Perpetual Check - the archive of ex-Yugoslavia events since 2005. Very well organized, full access on demand.
  • YU-Base - by Mirsad Črnić (cached).
  • chessgames.com - a database of ca. 400,000 games with the fast-growing community of chess lovers. A good climate.
  • GER-base - the German chess game archive by Detlef Döll (cached).
  • Britbase - the British chess game archive by John Saunders.
  • Grand history of chess - Italian page by Claudio Sericano. Includes pictures, results, articles.
  • Tim Krabbé's chess curiosities - a lot of inspiring writings of Dutch novelist.
  • Lars Balzer's links - huge load of chess links with downloadable game files.
  • The Chess Oracle - chess news from around the World (includes excellent German and British leagues history section)
  • Albanian chess - an unofficial yet very good site of Albanian chess.
  • Irish chess history & records - by Sean Coffey.
  • FM Armando Acevedo - detailed reports on Mexico at the Olympiads and biography of the author.
  • Mecca - the chess encyclopaedia