OlimpBase Photo Albums

Photo albumsA lot of people (including myself) are very sensitive to visual stimuli. The picture files usually receive more hits than anything else in fact. To add a collection of photo albums related to the content of OlimpBase is an excellent possibility to support growth of our community. Please be aware our photo album collection is still under construction as recently created. Find below a listing of our albums and recommended links. There are two basic types of album links:
Document - links to exclusive OlimpBase archives
URL - the external URLs

You are strongly encouraged to contribute to the photo section and send us your chess related photo albums. Also, had you ever found an interesting chess photos directly related to OlimpBase fields of interest, do not hesitate to drop us a note.

Document Photos from 1935 Chess Olympiad in Warsaw scanned from the book
WWW Photos from 1960 Chess Olympiad in Leipzig prepared by Hans-Georg Kleinhenz
Document Photos from 1980 Chess Olympiad in La Valletta by Mario Serracino-Inglott
WWW 2002 Olympiad photo galleries taken from thechessdrum.net
WWW Intriguing photos from 2004 Chess Olympiad in Calvia taken by Fred Lucas
Document Photos from 2005 European Team Ch. in Gothenburg by Calle Erlandsson
Document Photos from 2006 Olympiad in Turin by Calle Erlandsson