Klara employed her favourite Nimzo-Indian Defence but blocked the center and found herself in trouble. Facing imminent resignation she decided to give a couple of spite checks. 41... Qa2+ as every toddler Klara likes to move her horses around the board much and she is fond of checks too, but she saw that the gung-ho style attack leads to nowhere after 41... Nd3+ 42. Kg3 Qc2 43. d6 Qf2+ 44. Kh3 42. Kg3 42. Ke3 Teresa, who has just finished reading Nimzowitsch's 'My System' is dilligent pupil which is why her first thought was to advance the King but then she saw that after 42... Qe2+


she would lose the piece and the game.
42... Qd2 Klara just touched the Knight with the little pads of her fingers but seeing my significant eyes she let the piece go and moved the Queen... I did not protest because my girls have just learned how to play and one has to be understanding, so there is no touched piece rule. 42... Ne2+ she first saw that after 43. Kg4 White has nothing better than perpetual check because of mate threats..(But she missed 43. Kh4 which wins for White, because after 43... Nxc3 44. d6 Qxg2? 45. d7 Qxh2+ White King escapes! 46. Kg4 h5+ 47. Kg5 Qg3+ 48. Kxh5 Qh2+ 49. Bh4 and mate follows.) 43... Nxc3 44. Qf8+ Kh7 45. Qf5+= 43. d6 Qe1+ Believe this young lady is just 10 months old! While crumpling one of captured pieces she realized that yet another check is useless for Black. 43... Ne2+ 44. Kg4 h5+ 45. Kxh5 Nf4+ 46. Kg4 Checks are over, game is lost. 44. Kg4 Whenever a kid has to find the best square for the King it is usually in a fix. Not different this time, Teresa looked at me helplessly in hopes for support. I just nodded dully knowing that any other choice than Kg4 makes very little difference whatsoever. 44. Kh3 Nd3 45. Qd5+ Kh7 44... Nd3 Klara became little irritated. Not only infants like her are very tasty, but she doesn't speak yet so she couldn't express her disappointment at the position. 'Agh boo boo' - she just babbled merrily and moved her Knight, probably because she saw nothing better at the moment and she really fancies these pieces. 45. Qd5+ Yesterday I learned the girls the fork, which is why she was afraid of 45. Qf8+ Kh7 46. d7 Ne5+ 47. Kh3 Nxd7 She only didn't notice that now 48. Qf5+ wins for White! 45... Kh7 46. d7 'Bathtime! Children!' - mummy's sonorous voice could be heard through the wall. My well-mannered, older girl wanted to finish the game as quickly as one can. She advanced her pawn with care peeking triumphantly at her sister. 46... Qe5! Klara seemed resigned. Not only she was losing on the board but probably she was just thinking of sucking a pint of milk at her mother's breast. Actually I think she wanted to capture Bd7, but she is just too short to reach the back ranks :) so she truncated her Lady's route on e5. 46... Ne5+ 47. Qxe5 Qxe5 48. d8=Q Qxc3 49. Qd5 Qb2 50. Qe4+ Kh8 51. Kg3 c3 47. Qxd3+?? 'What?' - yelled on Teresa. - 'She's decoying my Queen, daddy! That's unfair!...' - her blue, almond eyes filled with tears. Suddenly she saw she couldn't take the Queen because of fork. So she just took the Knight. Checking and capturing are kid's favourite ways of playing (you must have known that, haven't you?), so 2 in 1 was here good enough for her. 47. Qxe5? Nxe5+ 48. Kf5 Nxd7= 47... cxd3 48. d8=Q Teresa cast offended glance at her sister. She knew that three queenside pawns cannot be stopped, so all she was left was to escape with the perpetual check. Even though she never heard of Bobby Fischer (Fischer vs Najdorf story, Leipzig 1960) she brushed all the pieces off the board in a fury. - 'That's a draw, you naughty kid! Daddy, Klara is bad girl, DAAAADY! I should have won this one. Daaaadddy... gimme a hug...' - she kept whining. Klara was amused. She actually didn't know what IS a draw, but she really liked all the pieces scattered over the sofa. That was fun! She is very little girl and chess pieces are primarily nice toys and not abstract symbols for her. - 'Don't worry darling' - I gave Teresa tender look. - 'She wasn't 100% fair. In the middlegame she stole and chew one of your pawns!' 1/2-1/2