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European Economic Community Team Championship

The factual coverage for this forgotten event is quite complete actually. The descriptive information, like news, photos, trivia etc., on the event is very limited however. Anything you could add - do not hesitate to write to us. The major question is: were there any more championships than those in 1975, 1978 and 1980?

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Ostend 1975

  • Trivia, time control, organizers, venue, photos etc..

Teesside 1978

  • Trivia, time control, venue, photos etc..

Berlin West 1980

  • ELOs and titles are not confirmed (e.g. is it true that Bouwmeester had no ELO at the moment?). Minor discrepancies might occur.
  • It is not confirmed if ITA-LUX round 5 at board #1 for forfeited.
  • Trivia, time control, organizers, venue etc..




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