4th Esperantist Olympiad: Kalocsa 1995

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Basic data

4th Esperantist Olympiad
Date: 7th - 16th July 1995
City: Kalocsa, Hungary
Teams participating: 7 countries overall
Players participating: ?32
Games played: N/A
System of play: N/A
Tie-breaks: N/A
Time control: N/A
Downloadable game file: no games available!

Final standings - men

no. team code players
1. Hungary "A" HUN
2. Moldova MDA
3. Malta MLT
4. International team (?) ?
5. Hungary "B" HUN2

Final standings - women

no. team code players
... results unknown

Tournament review

Players from just seven countries arrived to Hungary to participate in fourth Green Olympics: USA, Malta, Austria, Czech Republic, Moldova, Lithuania and Hungary. There were just 32 men participating, which was much less than expected. Because of it, the program of the Olympiad was shortenned. The event was inaugurated by the city mayor of Kalocsa M. Fodor and deputy mayor of Szekszard G. Filvia.

Men's teams comprised of 5 men (4+1) while women's teams comprised of 3 players (2+1).